The Casper Stay Inn Is Coming To Target In Austin

This summer Casper (not the ghost) hit the road and made stops to bring a sleepy staycation across the country. It’s basically a tiny home or enlarged RV with portals that you can take a nap at that are mostly located next to a department store or a Target.

Now, due to popular demand, we’re pulling into an Austin-area Target for you to experience the Casper mattress, sheets, and pillow. You’ll even get the chance to try out our Casper Target exclusives firsthand. Kick back, relax, and enjoy an oasis — complete with an Instagram-worthy “pool.”

It may just be me but when in the world would you want to take a nap at Target and lounge by a fake pool? I can’t even get out of that store without spending $50.00 let alone wanting to nap there realizing I just spent money on Target products.

Regardless most of us Austinites prefer to lay by the pool or the lake outside but for those that don’t this may be of your interest for this weekend.

Below are the details and click here to book a nap.


September 16 — 17: 10am-6pm


5300 S Mo Pac Expy, Austin, TX Target Austin SW Parking Lot

For those attending I wish you all a nice nap!