Heal Acquires ‘Doctors on Call’ to Bring Doctor House Call Services to New York City Utilizing The Site or App

Announced today, Heal, one of the online market leaders in doctor house calls, launched its move into New York City and its acquisition of Doctors on Call (DOC), one of New York’s leading and trusted medical house call services for the elderly. Heal’s is a simple solution for on-call/house call doctors visits by just creating an account through their app with your general health information.

With Heal’s entry into its largest single city, their services are NOW available to more than 75 million Americans throughout Atlanta, Georgia; California, New York, Northern Virginia and D.C.

Heal’s acquisition of Doctors on Call, which averaged 42,000 house calls to seniors in  NYC in 2018, is aimed at transforming an old-school, people-intensive practice into an omni-modal care solution that lowers healthcare operating costs (opex) and provides always-on, connected care. In 2019 alone, Heal will perform more than 100K house calls, averaging an estimated $53,700,000 per year in overall healthcare cost savings.

The consistent increase in consumer demand for Heal services has up-trended its growth by more than 310% over the last 12 months. In less than four years, Heal has provided house calls across California, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. /Northern Virginia, and has reduced unnecessary Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits by up to 71%. Heal has also reduced hospitalization by 28%.

About Heal

Heal is bringing technology innovation to re-humanize the practice of medicine in a way that is fulfilling for doctors and patients alike. Offered throughout Atlanta, Georgia; California, New York, Northern Virginia and D.C., they believe in making healthcare a more personal and convenient experience by creating a more efficient doctor’s office in your home, that inevitably improves healthcare outcomes. Through the touch of an app or a click on our site, a highly-vetted, qualified medical doctor will arrive at your door, twelve hours a day, 365 days a year.

Heal is in-network with all major PPO insurance companies in California, and New York, as well as Medicare, and will soon be in-network with insurers across the country. Heal investors include Fidelity ContraFund, Thomas Tull, Jim Breyer, the Ellison Family, Lionel Richie, and others.

For more information, please visit http://www.heal.com/.


Source: Heal