J.ING Launches New ‘Office Looks Collection’

Throughout New York Fashion Week the women’s “Power Suit” was showcased by different designers on the runway with different takes of what will be women’s go-to suit for Spring/Summer 2020. Announced over the weekend, J.ING, a women’s fashion and lifestyle brand has released its updated Office Looks Collection. The newly updated collection features professional apparel finished in bold hues, luxurious textures and carefully crafted details, the office-wear collection is designed with the muses of the working world in mind.

This is another take on what will be women’s “Power Suit” of Spring/Summer 2020. Within the collection, there are the usual pieces of office apparel but with a contemporary twist on women’s blazers and suit jackets in different tones, styles and fits. Each jacket is designed in tandem with its bottom counterpart in the form of a matching skirt or trouser, which are optional.

The central pieces of the collection are a beautiful rose petal-pink oversize blazer with liminal white pinstripes that pairs immaculately with a belted mid-thigh skirt of the same color and pattern. Also in the collection is the navy blue structured blazer with a tailored fit that pairs perfectly with a handkerchief midi skirt that is also of the same color.

You can expect to see elements that are both feminine and refined, as well as bolder pieces that are inspired by classic menswear.

The collection also takes inspiration from different eras, with styles that are reminiscent of the ‘40s and on, without straying away from J.ING’s love of unconventional cuts and unique designs that never compromise on style while remaining within the realm of office-appropriate.

To learn more or shop the collection please visit: https://jingus.com/blogs/fashion/updated-office-looks.


Source: J.ING