Studio69NYC: The Safest Photo Studio in NYC

After the mandatory shut down that began on March 13th, Michael Dean, the owner and lead photographer at Studio69NYC took several actions to help protect all clients, staff, and business partners that visited the studio when New York City opened back up. When NYC finally started reopening, Michael had to think very seriously about how to continue working in the studio but also keep things safe for everyone. A plan was implemented and now the studio has reopened abiding by city ordinance for safety measures.

“We implemented multiple measures to help protect everyone who comes to our studio. Health screenings are performed outside the studio prior to anyone coming in. The entire studio is wiped down between shoots and UVC Sanitization lights were installed to run between every shoot, HEPA air filters are run 24/7, masks are worn by Michael and his assistants during shoots and social distancing is maintained as well, and we shoot a lot outdoors when possible. Contact tracing for everyone coming to the studio is performed so if we ever have a risk, we can quickly inform anyone who could potentially be at risk.” Michael Dean

When it comes to castings, Michael Dean is still busy with that too, but safely.

“We are limiting in-person castings with our commercial and retail clients so that models don’t have to be traveling across the city all the time. The times have changed, and we are all adjusting. Clients still need content for their websites and social, and we are helping them build that. Everyone had the downtime, and many businesses weren’t ready for their full online presence, so that’s where we can help them.”

The studio also recently installed new technology to help companies build their content for the web. With 360 degree rotating platforms to capture video and images, it’s faster than ever to get your content. The feedback from clients is that video is key now since in-person shopping is very limited and consumers want to see videos of product.

Michael Dean has worked in fashion and media for over 30 years. Having shot landscapes and architecture and after spending a long time in front of the camera as a model, he decided it was time to get behind the lens himself to photograph people and so he opened Studio69NYC. Michael’s vision of people has been called “transformative” and “life-changing” by many of his clients. When he creates images of people, they see themselves in a whole new light. 

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