Eyesynth: The Audiovisual System For The Blind

CES 2018 was one of the busiest years thus far with more exhibit’s and attendees so it was impossible to see everything. One booth I missed stopping by during CES was Eyesynth exhibit though it was on my list to stop by. Eyesynth is an audiovisual system for the blind. Eyesynth consists of a pair of glasses connected to a microcomputer. The Eyesynth system records the surrounding environment in three dimensions. Then, the collected data is converted into understandable audio for the blind.

Eyesynth recently launched pre-ordering before the glasses go to market with a distribution date of September 2018. Below is more information on the preordering, the features and technical specifications of the Eyesynth.


  • To pre-order please visit: https://eyesynth.com/product/pre-order-eyesynth-glasses-2/?lang=en
  • This Pre-order is a payment in advance of the Eyesynth System.
  • The reserve price is € 499. If you are one of our first 100 customers, the final price will be € 1,695 (including taxes).
  • Once distribution starts, EYESYNTH S.L. will contact those clients that have made the pre-order deposit to receive the rest of the payment plus shipping costs. After which the glasses will be sent to them.
  • In the event that the glasses cannot be distributed in September of 2018, EYESYNTH S.L. will refund the entire amount of the pre-order to the Client, with the exception that the Client specifically accepts a new delivery date.


  • Full 3D. The user not only can identify shapes and spaces: he/she is also able to measure depth and locate objects accurately.
  • The sound is abstract, no words are used, and the system is very easy to learn. It’s a new language that the brain can automate.
  • Cochlear audio. The sound is transmitted through the head bones, so the ears are free to listen. The ear fatigue is avoided.
  • Tracking Mode: The glasses only capture the central, front view. The user has to sweep left and right, in a similar way as when using a cane.
  • Panoramic Mode: The glasses capture the whole scene, and distributes the audio in the stereo field. The user gets a full panorama in stereo audio.

Technical specifications:


  • Frame: Aluminium, Acetate, Plastic
  • Ready for opaque or prescription lenses
  • Camera lenses: High luminosity, FOV 76º
  • High speed image sensors (60 fps)
  • Integrated piezoelectric bone conduction audio system
  • Micro-computer:
  • Processor: ARM Architecture
  • High-performance FPGA chip
  • Battery: 5500 mAh
  • Continuous operation: Eight hours


  • Operating modes: Seek mode / Full Panoramic
  • Selectable viewing distances: 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, 6m.
  • Safety aids (location, alarms, video streaming)
  • Guide Me: App-based guiding help
  • New software functions in development

I wished I would have had time to stop and have a demo of Eyesynth but hopefully they will send me a review unit to be featured so stay tuned!

For more information about Eyesynth click here.


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