Austin Tech Alliance Launches ‘Lend a Hand ATX’ Volunteering Website

This week Austin Tech Alliance (ATA), an Austin based non-profit,  has launched a new website for the Austin Tech community: Lend a Hand ATX helps skilled tech volunteers and those in need make critical community connections during the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond. As an Austin based company ourselves and in this unique time, it’s time to tap our local tech community and ask them to lend a hand for all Austinites.

Liz Coufal, one of ATA’s Advisory Board member, said: “We didn’t see an entity that was galvanizing stay-at-home tech workers for volunteer opportunities, so we created Lend a Hand ATX.”

ATA knows that stay-at-home tech workers have the desire and in-demand skills that our community needs. They are asking the community to step up in the fields of branding, content, design, hardware needs, strategy, social media, IT services, and tutoring to support nonprofits, community members and small businesses in Austin.

How to Lend a Hand for ATX:

Visit to register either as a person needing or giving help. 

  • Organizations in need of tech for good:
    Add a listing under “I’m looking for help” and you’ll be added to the site. Need to add online ordering to your restaurant site? Having trouble using an API? Need help understanding what an API is? Click the dropdown menu to add a searchable tag. 
  • Volunteers:
    If you’re someone who has time and capacity to give, GREAT! Click on “Add listing” to become a skilled volunteer in branding, content, design, hardware needs, strategy, social media, IT services, and tutoring. 

Learn more and register to give or receive help: To learn about ATA COVID-19 best practices for Austin please visit:

About Austin Tech Alliance

Austin Tech Alliance is a nonpartisan nonprofit building a culture of civic engagement in Austin’s tech sector. They are focused on helping every tech employee cast an informed vote and using tech as a tool to tackle our community’s most pressing challenges.

As a member-supported nonprofit, ATA has membership options for both individuals as well as companies. ATA includes over 70 civically engaged companies that are up a cross-section of leading tech organizations, including AT&T, Capital Factory, Dell, Facebook, Google, Lyft, Silicon Labs, SXSW, Uber, WP Engine, and more. Learn more about ATA here:


Source: ATA