Mira Lehr Launches New Online Series ‘MiraVision’ for the Mennello Museum of American Art

Updated 7.15.2020: Mira Lehr’s museum show is extended through September & she was inspired to create the below video upon hearing that many were finding new meanings in her art after the pandemic.

Just in time for Earth Day 2020, Mira Lehr, one of the art world’s pioneer climate activists, honors her 50th anniversary of championing nature with “High Water Mark” at the Mennello Museum of American Art . The museum’s new online art resources feature fun and creative digital tools for parents and children staying at home for social distancing.

Mira Lehr has been championing environmental action since 1969, decades before others jumped on the climate bandwagon. It was fifty-one years ago that Buckminster Fuller chose Lehr for his groundbreaking World Game project. This was during the first lunar landing and a year before the first Earth Day, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this week on April 22.

Pictured below are the 1969 participants of Buckminster Fuller’s visionary World Game. Lehr is seated in the first row, third from the right. Fuller is standing in the center holding Spaceship Earth.

Now, on the 50th anniversary of her artistic turning point towards championing the environment, the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando has invited Mira Lehr to present a new exhibition with a fateful title: High Water Mark.

Since the museum is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, a new series of online initiatives bring Mira’s art to audiences who are staying at home now because of social distancing.

She is calling her new online series MiraVision, and in the spirit of Fuller’s vision of Spaceship Earth the artist strives for uplifting and forward-looking messages of hope and optimism. To kick off her new online series, Lehr emphasizes two of Buckminster Fuller’s visionary quotes that shine a light on our current global crisis:

“We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.”― Buckminster Fuller

“People sometimes say, I wonder how it feels to be on a spaceship, . . . and I say: Well, look around you, you are on one . . . How does it feel? You are on Spaceship Earth.” ― Buckminster Fuller

Lehr museum’s virtual tours can be found here as well miralehr.com/high-water-mark-exhibition-videos and the new gallery photo-tour can be found here: miralehr.com/exhibition-phototour.

The Mennello Museum is also providing online tools for families while at home with their children during the pandemic, based on Mira Lehr’s exhibition. Parents can visit the museum’s social media channels: facebook.com/MennelloMuseum and instagram.com/mennellomuseum (#YourMennelloMoment).


Source: Mira Lehr, Mennello Museum of American Art