Neverland Launches Plantchella and Joins Million Gardens Movement for Earth Day

Today and in celebration of Earth Day, Neverland, the online gardening marketplace, officially launched its virtual in-app festival, Plantchella. Neverland’s Plantchella is an immersive virtual festival, occurring entirely in the Neverland app through April the 24th.  In addition, the nature-based startup will be joining the Million Gardens Movement as a 1% charity partner to donate grants to local grassroots organizations that are helping their communities garden and grow food.

Plantchella will feature plant and gardening experts, chefs, and interior designers to showcase the natural beauty of our planet and encourage users to explore their green side by integrating nature in their daily lives. From April 22 – 24, users can browse curated showrooms of indoor and outdoor plant and garden scenes within the app, as well as explore various plant-themed stages, such as the Tropical House Stage and Green Soul Garden Stage.  

“Neverland is excited to celebrate our launch with Plantchella, a fun virtual event that will foster and grow our plant community,” said Vera Kutsenko, the CEO and founder of Neverland. “Our goal is to create a hub where passionate plant parents can shop from local stores, learn tips from experts and get inspired to find their green side. We also feel strongly about giving back and are honored to join the Million Gardens Movement as a 1% charity partner.”

Furthermore, Neverland is partnering with local merchants to help attendees furnish their homes with plants and provide giveaways such as a beginner plant bundle and a parent plant pack. The festival will offer participants opportunities to win plants and seeds, as well as the possibility to win $2,000 and an ultra-rare plant.

Attendees must sign up on the Plantchella landing page with their phone number and will receive a text with a link to their e-ticket and app download. The festival will be made possible by its generous sponsors: Ansel & Ivy, Dade Plant Co., Lazy Gardens, The Plant Shanty, Soil & Clay, and Tropifolia. 

To learn more and download the app please visit:

About Neverland:

Neverland is the one-stop plant and garden shop connecting our passionate plant parent community with high-quality, vetted independent merchants across the USA. Plant parents come to Neverland because they can find plant inspiration, discover and learn about plants through our community, and shop with confidence from a vetted selection of plant and gardening products. Neverland offers a mobile first experience pairing a vibrant community with a rich marketplace to make nature accessible to all. Starting from a network of 120k+ folks on social and a waitlist of 37k+ prior to launch, app membership is increasing every day. Neverland is now available for download in the app store. Learn more at  

About Million Gardens Movement:

Created by Kimbal Musk’s Big Green and Frank Giustra’s Modern Farmer, the Million Gardens Movement provides the necessary funding and education for new gardeners to plant their own gardens and grow their own food. Million Gardens Movement is a global community of people who believe growing food changes lives and invites partners like Neverland to dedicate 1% of their budget or product sale to the movement, with all donations allocated to a fund that provides gardens and grants to local nonprofits in the gardening space.


Source: Neverland, Million Gardens Movement, Ansel & Ivy, Dade Plant Co., Lazy Gardens, The Plant Shanty, Soil & Clay, and Tropifolia