AKILA and CRTFD Collaborate on Biodegradable Sunglasses for Earth Day

Just in time for Earth Day, AKILA, the Los Angeles independent eyewear, has partnered up with LA’s CRTFD lifestyle brand for a reimagining of Legacy to be released Friday, April 22nd. This new variation of an AKILA Essential frame features gold hardware and biodegradable lenses, reflecting both brands’ dedication to bold creativity and sustainable processes.

Both the acetate frame and bio lenses will naturally decompose after 5+ years in a landfill setting, leaving behind carbon dioxide, water and biomass. For each pair of glasses sold on the AKILA website, AKILA plants a tree in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects.

The brands have also worked together to design a custom ceramic sunglasses tray handmade by CRTFD’s design collective that will be available exclusively at F.D.G.S. @fdgs.la on Earth Day, April 22, 2022.

About AKILA:

AKILA is an independent eyewear brand from Los Angeles focused on handmade, limited-run eyewear. Constructed from malleable acetate with stainless steel cores, AKILA frames have long-lasting durability without sacrificing comfort or style. All AKILA sunglasses are designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted to last a lifetime. Each pair is made from eco-friendly cellulose acetate and plant-based lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. AKILA advocates sustainability further by using plastic-free packaging, using renewable cork leather for their carrying cases completed with recycled paper labels. To learn more about AKILA please visit: https://akila.la/.

About F.G.D.S. by AKILA:

F.G.D.S. is an independent store in Downtown Los Angeles, California curated by AKILA Eyewear to explore and showcase products we admire for their modern sensibilities. To shop please visit: https://fdgs.la/.

About CRTFD:

CRTFD was founded in Los Angeles that is centered on the principles of authentic, creative expression, plant medicine and counterculture. What started as an experimental cannabis brand grew into an international endeavor to create products and experiences that challenge the modern standards of retail, branding, and conformism. To learn more please visit: https://crtfd.com/.