Artfinder Report: Top 10 Art Buying Cities

Founded in March 2013 and based in Miami, Artfinder connects people to artists and art. For all tastes, all budgets, all styles. From everywhere and for everyone. And every single piece signed by the artist. They are currently connecting 600,000 subscribers around the world with:

  • 10,000 artists and galleries internationally
  • 400,000+ artworks in categories including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, drawing and collage

Artfinder recently sent me a report they just published about the top 10 art buying cities. I had to share it with you all since Austin, my hometown, is in the top 10!

See official report below:

Marketplace Artfinder has published a report on art buying habits across the US, with Austin, Texas revealed as being in the Top 10 art buying cities, with 592 artworks bought per million inhabitants in 2016. That puts Austin at number 8 in the top 10, ahead of Santa Monica and Boston. The top city is Tallahassee, Florida.

There are also regional differences in what art customers buy, with people in big cities preferring abstract, non-figurative works and those outside of cities preferring animals, flowers and plants and landscapes, sea and sky. And despite New Yorkers not topping the chart, ‘New York’ is the Top 10 searched terms on the site, suggesting that customers in other cities and countries buy artwork of New York.

Jonas Almgren, Artfinder’s CEO comments:

“Our data shows that the whole of the US is busy buying original art for their homes, but also that people in smaller cities and more rural areas are more likely to buy art than New Yorkers – maybe they have more space!”

“We are now seeing a new generation and a new kind of art buyer emerging, our audience are typically younger than those who buy from galleries, and they don’t necessarily classify themselves as ‘collectors’ – they’re not buying for investment, they’re buying because they want something handmade by a real person on their wall, something no-one else has got.”

Artfinder sells original art from 10,000 artists in 113 countries, making it the world’s largest marketplace for original art.

Top 10 US cities (on customers per 1 million inhabitants):

Tallahassee, Florida (1,303)
New Haven, Connecticut (953)
Anaheim, California (842)
Tampa, Florida (789)
Raleigh, North Carolina (770)
San Francisco, California (726)
Miami, Florida (620)
Austin, Texas (592)
Santa Monica, California 5(78)
Boston, Massachusetts (572)

Bottom 10 US cities:

Scott City, Kansas
Natchez, Mississippi
Mcdonough, New York
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Loma Linda, California
Humble, Texas
Lagrange, Georgia
Madison Heights, Michigan
Bremerton, Washington
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Glad to share this with you all and for more information about Artfinder click here.