CES, Showstoppers and Sand’s Expo 2016

SandsThe Sands Expo in the Venetian and the Showstoppers event at the Wynn during CES® are where I spent my day two and lately my last day of CES® because I can only last 2 full days (not including travel) before I want to go home.  Just like Pepcom, Showstoppers is a press only event and it had a lot of innovative products. Below are some of my favorite booths and interactive products.

Tact appMy first meeting was with StoAmigo’s Tack App hosted by their business manager, Vsem Yenovkian, who gave a quick demo while I was at the Sands Expo and the ease of use seems simple. When using the Tack App, the cloud enables the storage of your mobile devices and computers to do direct streaming and sharing. The Tack App turns any computer, Apple and Android device into a cloud server, gives you cloud access without any cloud uploads, and allows users to access their entire hard drives using the StoAmigo cloud ecosystem. Users can host their own cloud and the files never leave their devices, plus it can be used to share very large files/folders in a matter of seconds. To be honest any solution besides iCloud to store my files makes this geek happy. I can’t wait to start using it! To get started with Task App, learn more or get the Tack App click here.

HoverI’m an 80’s baby so Back to the Future was the big thing back then and when I was a child I always asked Santa for a Hover board. I never got one. At Showstoppers this year they had not exactly a real hover board but something that gives you the likeness of one. The all-new Razor Hovertrax is an innovative self-balancing scooter with gyro-sensor technology so that the Razor Hovertrax also stays in perfect sync with your every move. It’s currently going for $599.99 and to purchase it click here. Below are the full lists of specifications and a full feature list along with a demo video with two girls doing hand stands on the Razor Hovertrax from Showstoppers at CES®.

Hover Chart

This next booth visit proves I have no shame and can laugh at myself even when I look like an utter klutz. PIQ which is a multi-sport sensor in collaboration with Mobitee which is a Golf App had a booth for those in attendance of Showstoppers to test out their golf swing. The Mobitee app automatically detects your course and then displays hole-by-hole yardages based on your proximity to the green. The yardage is shown on a LED display. It also has swing analysis that tracks your tempo, swing path and club head speed. The Live Shot Tracking Piq™ tracks and records all your shots using GPS positioning, showing you which club you hit, and from where.*

MogolfTo learn more about PIQ or the Mobitee app click here and if you are interested in purchasing the PIQ with Mobitee Golf accessory it’s currently $269.00 and you can purchase it here. If you would like to see me trying it out at Showstoppers below are two videos; one is my legit swing and the other is a gag reel of me learning how to play.

As most people know I’m a horrible driver, I think it’s gotten worse after not driving for years while living in San Francisco. My GPS on the main console always distracts me since I have to look down and mine isn’t voice activated (but my iPhone 6S is). While at Showstoppers I found a solution to my frustration. The Carloudy is a smart, portable, completely wireless heads-up display (HUD) system that works directly with your smartphone apps to present useful driving-related information. The Carloudy is reflected on to a semi-transparent screen on your windshield, you see navigation, speed and speed limit, food and drink options, nearby gas stations, mechanical notifications and much more. Apparently Carloudy is the world’s first e-ink, smart, wireless heads up display that works under bright sunlight and in the evening. I have been waiting for something like this so I can’t wait to check it out or do a review. Carloudy just kicked off their Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 and have already made their goal with 30 days left to get more funding. If you would like to learn more to contribute to Carloudy’s Kickstarter campaign click here. Below is a youtube about the Carloudy.

The last booth I liked was Polaris which had the RANGER EV Li-Ion off road vehicle, the Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle, and the all-new Polaris GEM electric low-speed vehicle (LSV). The RANGER EV Li-Ion off-road transportation is the first Li-Ion solution offered by Polaris. Per their site the Li-Ion technology offers more than three times the total battery lifespan of the traditional acid batteries and more than twice the range on one charge (up to 50 miles [80.5 kilometers]). The Victory Empulse TT electric motorcycle (this one was my favorite) is charged with Li-Ion technology, has the fastest charging time at 3.9 hours and a battery capacity of 10,400 watt hours for a range of up to 95 miles (152.9 kilometers). I did not have a chance to check out the all-new Polaris GEM electric low-speed vehicles (LSV) which has a built-in safety features than a golf cart, and are more agile and economical than a van or truck – $.03/mile cost of operation. It can be driven indoors, outdoors, sidewalks and is street legal on roads up to 35 mph (56.3 kph) in most states and provinces.Polaris 2

This wraps up my CES® Showstoppers and Sand Expo recap of 2016! Thank you to all that invited me to your booths, gave me live demos, danced with me when no one was on the dance floor and bought me numerous glasses of wine! See all you guys next year at CES® 2017!


*Statistics and Information provided by each respected company’s site or press kit.

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