Nina’s CES 2016 Checklist

CES Logo 2016

For those in technology the Consumer Technology Show (CES) is a huge deal for us geeks. It’s in Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center at the beginning at the January. True story, Steve Wozniak built the Apple 2 just so he could go the CES back in the day.

I have gone for years and there is always something that either goes wrong (like a wardrobe malfunction), I loose something or I forgot something at home. So here is a check list to help the CES novice.

  • Always bring more than 100 business cards, you give those out like candy there plus you don’t want be “that person” if you run out.
  • Get the CES 2016 app for your Android or Apple, this will help when you need to go to different halls at the Las Vegas Convention center. Also note it takes roughly 30 minutes to walk to each different hall…and that is if you don’t run into someone that wants to talk your ear off. This actually happened to me one year so I suggest 45 minutes between halls.
  • Ladies or if you are a man that likes heals. DON’T DO IT!! I made this mistake a couple times and by the end of CES my feet were burning due to walking around so much. Try a lower pair wedges or cute flats.
  •  If you are press take advantage of the Press Room. It has massive work space, they have multiple plugs to charge your phone and free food.
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR CHARGER!!! Bring two in fact. Last year I walked away for a second and this dude plugged his phone into my charger. Who does that?! Moral of the story is guard you stuff when you are at these Conventions. I personally use either my mycharge, Mophie or NOMAD as a portable charger, definitely check into these if you do not have one. I am testing out NOMAD Chargers right now for cutegeek and will post the review soon before CES 2016CES chargers
  • Definitely bring some pens just in case.
  • Bring a bag to carry all the goodies you get when you visit booths.
  • Anti-Bacterial since you shake so many hands it’s  smart to carry one instead of getting the CES Flu (it’s not fun believe me).
  • While packing keep in mind to leave space to take your bag of swag home.
  • Pack some snacks, it’s easy to miss lunch or breakfast.
  • Make sure your hotel is on or near the CES shuttle line or your screwed…just kidding but you will end up spending more money on taxis and the CES shuttle line is free. The routes and schedule are on the CES site.
  • Bring a tide stick or the shout wipes just in case you miss your mouth and you are a hot mess with food all over your shirt…I’ve seen this happen but not to me.
  • Band aids for potential blisters from walking or random injuries. Like one year I had a really bad paper cut and I learned quickly no one carries band aids anymore after asking a bazzilion people. Don’t be a dummy like me and pack them just in case, you never know!
  • Baby powder…I know what? I’m a grown adult I don’t need baby powder. Its for your hair, if you don’t have time to shower for the next event and you have greasy hair this does the trick.
  • Gum or mints especially if you are a close talker or had a meal with onions at lunch.
  • Safety Pins, I don’t need to explain why but if your a girl and one of your buttons pops off it’s better to have safety pins then flashing the world your chest.

I hope this helps before the big CES and send me a DM at @nrpena or @hitechchic with any questions.

Also, to check out what CES shenanigans I will be up to you can follow me on twitter at @nrpena, @cutegeek, and @hitechchic OR to get the recap or new posts about my CES 2016 experience check back on Cutegeek, Examiner, and Hi-Tech Chic.

May the force be with you on your CES journey and good luck!

**Information for this post provided by: myCharge, Nomad, CES, and Mophie**