The World Debut of Pharaoun Cocktail Rings’ “I AM BEAUTIFUL”

Announced today and just in time for Pride month, Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s Miami-based Pharaoun Cocktail Rings has launched across South Florida and is quickly making waves across the nation and the world. This absolutely gorgeous ring has deep meaning and beauty, to honor those who wear them. The Pharaoun Cocktail Rings’ newest cocktail ring, ‘I Am Beautiful’ in clear or rainbow stones are now available for purchase globally online!

As Mendoza stated, “Women deserve to be honored, and I created Pharaoun Cocktail Rings to honor the women in my life.  I find that in the chaos of every day, women forget themselves, their strength, their beauty, and their independence.  My hope is that each of my rings inspires the woman wearing it to be the best version of herself.”

“The ‘I Am Beautiful’ ring takes my mission to another level,” Mendoza continued.  “This ring’s transparency brings the wearer into the design itself, because when you put it on, it immediately fills with the color of your skin.  I fell in love with this ring when I realized it was amplifying one’s natural beauty.  There is nothing sexier or more powerful than being yourself, and this ring allows you to capture that strength.  I feel that now is the perfect time to bring this ring into the world, because I believe that the combination of uniqueness and inclusion is our greatest hope for the future.”

The I Am Beautiful ring has traditional elements, but it feels modern and fresh. Since this ring includes you as part of the design, it matches and goes with everything. The ring name “Pharaoun” embodies the glory of the forgotten tastemakers of history, and is a reaffirmation that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, humbly paying our respect to the past, while declaring our commitment to build a better and more beautiful future.

Every Pharaoun Cocktail Ring is designed by Sergio Andrés Mendoza, and produced using the lost-wax casting technique in his workshop out of sterling silver and then covered with 22 karat gold. The crystals used are each stone-cut, polished, and set by hand, and represent his favorite natural stones. The Pharaoun Cocktail Ring retails for $295.00 however each style can also be ordered in 22 karat gold over 18 karat gold, with prices starting at $2950.

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Source: Pharaoun Cocktail Rings