Kost Debuts 1st LGBTQI+ Experience “Body of Mine” on the Meta Horizon Store

Today, Kost, the immersive studio founded by Cameron Kostopoulos, launched the BAFTA-winning virtual reality experience Body of Mine on the Meta Horizon Store on June 13, 2024. Debuting during Pride Month, this will be the first LGBTQI+ experience of its kind to launch with Meta Quest on the storefront. 

The Body of Mine virtual reality experience, created by Cameron Kostopoulos and produced by Michaela Ternasky-Holland & Amy Seidenwurm, lets users to step into the body of another gender leveraging Quest 3’s hand-tracking and Quest Pro’s eye-tracking capabilities for a unique immersive, embodied experience in VR. The technology is combined with the voices of trans individuals, discussing their relationship with their bodies, dysphoria, and gender euphoria.

After its world premiere in 2023, Body of Mine won the SXSW Special Jury Award, the Producers Guild of America Innovation Award, the BAFTA Student Award, Best XR at Games for Change, and more. 

Along with its release on Meta Quest, Body of Mine is engaging in a multi-prong impact campaign fostering conversations between trans youth and their parents, encouraging understanding of the trans community and experience, and to combat anti-trans legislation. 

Kostopoulos is currently working on their second immersive project, A Cure for Straightness, an episodic series using haptics, AI characters, and mixed reality to “simulate conversion therapy for straight people.” The first chapter, premiering soon, uses wearable haptic vests to tell the story of a transgender survivor of electroshock conversion therapy. 

Body of Mine is now available on Meta Quest here: https://www.meta.com/en-gb/experiences/7712124182163903/.

About Body of Mine

Upon entering Body of Mine, you find yourself standing in front of a mirror, inhabiting the body of another gender. Looking down, you see someone else’s arms, legs and torso. Touching different parts of this new, virtual body activates stories & interviews from trans people.

As you navigate this embodied narrative, the environment around you evolves into a lush garden, and you transition through the bodies of many, many diverse individuals. This transformation symbolizes the shared essence of our humanity, irrespective of the bodies we inhabit.

About Cameron Kostopoulos

Cameron Kostopoulos is an award-winning director and immersive creator, who combines intimacy with technology to create deeply transformative experiences. They are the Founder & CEO of Kost, a storytelling collective utilizing new technologies such as haptics, artificial intelligence, and spatial computing to help us better understand ourselves, the world around us, and our fellow human beings. They hold a BFA in Film & TV Production from the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts and an MA from ASU’s Narrative & Emerging Media Program.


Source: KOST, Body of Mine, Cameron Kostopoulos, Meta Quest