The Vista360health Health Plan and Vista4me App


Vista360health is an Austin-born HMO health plan bringing an alternative to health coverage for Central Texans. Vista360health was established in 1994 recognizing that many Medicaid moms and babies got lost in the healthcare maze. Vista360health launched the first demonstration project for the State of Texas to better manage these patients. In 2016, again understanding that a key market has been easily overlooked by today’s healthcare landscape, Vista360health has launched a new plan to serve individuals and small employers.

The vision of Vista360health is to take care of members with personal and personalized services. I personally have also been lost in this healthcare maze while trying to get my Blue Cross BlueShield to cover my current health needs while needing to have more medical procedures in the near future.

Many health plans make you pay a copay for telemedicine but Vista360health services are free. That’s certainly a change of pace for most of us struggling with health issues. As a member of Vista360health a local doctor will help you with your medical question and it’s available 24/7/365 for free. Members can instant message, video-chat and upload images to a local doctor anytime and anywhere.

All Vista360health members have access to Vista4me, a free app where you can access important health information. Below are the features of the Vista4me App:

  • Your Personal Health Records in the palm of your hand.
  • Connect for free to telemedicine 24/7/365.
  • Copy of those last lab results
  • Call or change your PCP
  • Access to a new ID card or requesting to email it
  • Find a nearby physician, pharmacy, hospital or urgent care center.

The App for Vista4me can be downloaded here: Below is one of the lists for insurance plans however I strongly recommend to visit the site for all your insurance options located here:

Individuals and families may apply during the Enrollment Period if there has been a Qualifying Life Event. For information about Qualifying Life Events, you may go to To become a member of Vista360health follow this link:

For more information on Vista360Health click here.


Source: Vista360health