Spony: The Solution of Wearing a Pony Tail in a Ball Cap

The ball cap and pony tail have been at odds for decades but the new Spony ball cap is changing that. I’m not a ball cap kind of lady however when I lived next to the AT&T Ball Park in San Francisco I would wear ball caps to the games but my pony tail never looked right.

Introducing the fashion solution to pony tails or buns while wearing a ball cap, the Spony. Spony is a new ball cap that allows you to wear a bun or pony tail and still look like a fashionista with its unique design.

How does the Spony work?

The Spony has a back center seam constructed with separable Velcro closure instead of sewn shut. It has added pockets provided inside cap to keep Velcro on side flaps from coming in contact with hair. This also help with your hair getting tangled in the ball cap since your hair will not get stuck in the ball cap.

The Spony Ball Cap has a structured front and is adjustable making it easy to wear different hair styles with it. Below are some examples of what hair styles you can do while wearing the Spony Ball cap.

Spony can be worn as a regular closed ballcap and as an open-backed ponytail cap. You can open up back of cap for ventilation, and close up back for protection from rain or extreme weather.

I’m hoping they will send me a Spony but then again I have very short hair so I’m not the best example however I have a new partner in crime for Hi-Tech Chic that would be able to test it out. Stay tuned for that review if we get one to try out!

The pricing for a Spony Ball Cap starts at $25.00 and can be purchased on their site located here: https://spony.com/collections/all. Currently you can try out the newest innovation in casual accessories, the Spony, with no risk! For a limited time, get FREE shipping and FREE return shipping on all Spony Caps at spony.com.


Source: Spony