The TI-22BT: Echobox’s First Titanium Bluetooth Earphones Just Launched

Echobox Audio recently announced they would be releasing the world’s first ever Bluetooth earphones crafted from Titanium housings into the consumer market. The new Titanium Bluetooth wireless earphones named, “Ti-22BT,” are said to be a huge step forward in the world of Bluetooth with new industry standards in durability, comfort and sound performance.

The Ti-22BT earphones use machined titanium housings and is the first ever earphone to utilize this metal on a Bluetooth device.

The earphone are so indestructible due to the titanium housings and are capable of surviving getting driven over by a semi-truck. Better yet the lightweight properties of Titanium make these earphones one of the lightest and most comfortable on the market thus far. For user comfort the Ti-22BT earphones are ergonomically contoured to your ear and features a wing-tip ear hook style for added security when performing demanding activities. The Ti-22BT earphones have world-class noise isolating foam tips with “secure fit” technology to ensure they stay in your ear. Below are the detailed specifications of the Ti-22BT headphones.


  • Tuned for extreme sonic performance with renowned Echobox sound
  • Constructed from solid titanium housings for best-in-class durability
  • Comply™ thermal reactive ear-tips for military-grade noise isolation & fit
  • Echobox “Secure Fit” Technology to always stay in your ear
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & sweat resistant
  • Inline microphone for calls & music playback control
  • Over 8 hours of continuous playback time
  • Universal Micro-USB charging for a quick and convenient charge
  • Magnetic housings for necklace style around-neck storage

The Ti-22BT is available now online at and to soon be released on a variety of online shopping platforms, including Amazon. Each set of the Ti-22BT earphones comes stock with a pair of Comply™ T-400 Isolation Series heat-reactive memory foam ear tips, additional silicone tips and a cloth carry bag. The Ti-22BT currently retails for is $129.99. To purchase for more information about the Ti-22BT please visit:


Source: Echobox, Ti-22BT