The Keepster App; A New Way To Preserve Texts From Loved Ones

Twenty years ago did you think that you would text more than you talk on the phone? Did you know that texting is the most frequently used form of communication among Americans younger than 50? That said how do you archive your texting memories from family and loved ones permanently? Keepster is a new app that helps you create books out of the messages, milestones and memories from your phone.

While using the app in just a few easy steps just pick your favorite texts with emojis and pictures. Using the Keepster app customers can customize the covers and personalize books. For the holidays take advantage of limited time only promo code HOLIDAY2018 for 50% off.

How do I get started using the Keepster app?

In order to you use Keepster, you need 3 things:

  • iPhone
  • MAC Laptop or Desktop running Mac OS Sierra (version 10.12) or higher
  • Lighnting cab

Simply download the app to your device from to get started. Connect your device to your laptop or desktop via a lighting cable. Next transfer the data from your device’s messaging apps to your computer. Last find your favorite messages, organize into folders and create printed books.

What chat apps are supported?

iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike and Line.

Which devices does Keepster support?

Keepster is available for iPhone / Mac devices only at this time but they entend to expand to more devices.

How much do Keepster Books cost?

The price of Keepster books varies based on the number of pages and starts at $9.99 + shipping for books with 4-31 pages with a Saddle Stich binding.

How do I use the Holiday Discount Code?

Once you have created your book use the Promo Code “HOLIDAY2018” at checkout for the 50% off holiday discount. To receive your books well ahead of the holiday rush they suggest that your orders be placed by December 15th.

To download the Keepster app please visit: For more information about Keepster please visit:


Source: Keepster