Onyx Fitness App Launches Summer Bod Challenge

Onyx, the first-ever fitness app to use iPhone’s front-facing camera, has launched a new Summer Bod Challenge via the app. The 15-day challenge consist of combining 5 days of abs, 5 days of legs, and 5 days of arm and users that finish earn an achievement badge.

Workouts will target the arms, abs and legs including variations on popular exercises such as squats, lunges, and high planks.

Throughout your workouts, the in-app virtual trainer monitors your performance, counts your reps and offers real-time feedback to help correct your form.

At the end of your workout, Onyx will create highlight reels for you to share on TikTok, InstaStories, and more, and you can even challenge your friends. To tag your progress via social media for the Summer Challenge use #getonyxfit #BeachBody #OnyxChallenge #FitAtHome #HomeWorkout.


Onyx uses innovative computer vision technology to guide bite-sized high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and keep you motivated.


  • PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS: Your coach understands your performance and tailors the workout to you in real time.
  • TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCE: Onyx counts your squats, times your planks, and measures your pace with just a camera. Track nearly any exercise with the world’s first 3D motion capture system on your phone.
  • GET REAL-TIME FEEDBACK: Your coach tells you to “bend lower”, “straighten your back”, and “jump higher” with instant audio feedback.
  • MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS: Understand how you’re improving over time with detailed stats for every exercise via the app.
  • WORK OUT WITH FRIENDS: For extra motivation, turn on the leaderboard and compete with your friends! Climb up to the top and beat your high score each time.
  • Onyx also connects to Apple Health so you can log all your workouts

The majority of the workout content and social features are free, including the Summer Bod Challenge, but premium workout content is also available through subscription.

The Onyx app is free to download from the App Store. To learn more about Onyx please visit: https://www.onyx.fit/.


Source: Onyx