The Amadeus Code Songwriting Assistant App Launches Their New Harmony Library Feature

The AI-assisted songwriting App, Amadeus Code, is now open to all users. Announced today the Japanese AI music startup Amadeus Code is officially opening up its songwriting inspiration app to the public. The Amadeus Code app already has over 1,000 users signed up for early access and they just released their newest feature, the Harmony Library.

How does the Harmony Library work?

Amadeus Code users can search Spotify’s library from within the app and use the chord progressions from their favorite songs, and Amadeus Code will compose new melodies on top of them. Users can now tap inspiration from your favorite songs without copying them, tweaking them to create something new. The chord progressions can be searched by specific parameters, including genre, mood, tempo, and key, or by title or artist. By using algorithms to suggest unfamiliar melodies and expanding one’s imagination efficiently. Composers can then share their creations with other Amadeus Code users and to the world.

How do I sign up?

It’s fairly simple, first, you must download the app which only gives you a 14-day free trial. Interested customers can sign up via email or by using their Facebook account. I downloaded the Amadeus Code app and have been testing it out. You can download the app now (for iOS only) in the App Store.

You are in Good Hands:

Amadeus Code’s founding team are active professional music producers with experience producing some of the most famous artists of Japan and Korea, and a technologist and serial entrepreneur in music tech. The Amadeus Code AI melody generator uses data from popular songs over the past few centuries to craft melodies based on your preference of era, familiarity, drama, note length, and range. Therefore you can use smart adjustments and filters to find a melody that suits your track just the way you want.

The Amadeus Code app also features Cloud backup and the ability to download audio/MIDI files as well as share MIDI to your desired DAW. Interested songwriters can download the app now (for iOS only) in the App Store.


Source: Amadeus Code