Austin-based Medici App Launches to Change the Way Doctors and Patients Communicate

Launched this week, Medici, the app revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship is now available in all 50 states. Medici, enables users to text or video chat with their existing medical providers. This includes  primary care physicians, pediatricians, specialists, therapists, veterinarians, dentists and more with the HIPAA-compliant app.As of this week Medici users can invite their existing family physician, pediatrician, dermatologist, dentist, veterinarian, mental health provider, nutritionist and other medical providers to join the Medici platform. Also providers throughout the U.S. can similarly invite their patients to join Medici, which offers a more convenient, accessible and modernized method of communication and represents the latest innovation in healthcare technology.

What does Medici offer patients?

  • An opportunity to eliminate follow-up appointments, unnecessary in-person visits, wait times and related costs;
  • Peace of mind and timely responses to medical questions or potential emergencies that arise after-hours;
  • An additional, direct line of communication with your medical providers, avoiding unnecessary phone calls, hold times and conversations with administrative staff.
  • The ability to easily request authorized prescription refills;
  • A centralized location for medical records compiled from the time a user downloads the app;
  • An easy-to-use, transparent payment system integrated directly into the Medici platform.

What does Medici offer medical professionals?

  • A HIPAA-compliant messaging tool that allows for easier management of patients, accessible from anywhere;
  • Freedom to text with patients on the provider’s terms;
  • An opportunity to increase patient retention and eliminate patient visits to urgent care centers, emergency rooms and telemedicine services;
  • A compensation-based health care delivery model determined by the provider;
  • A better work-life balance that allows providers the flexibility to determine their availability for patient communications via the app;
  • Reduction of overhead from administrative costs associated with medical practices.

Medici enables patients to communicate with their existing medical providers, creating an additional channel for patients and their doctors that allows for more customized and timely medical care through a single app. Below is a list of links to download the free Medici app for iOS and for Android which downloads pretty quickly.

On March 21st I had a seizure and since then constant communication with all my doctors is imperative. I am eager to test this out throughout the next coming months going forward on my journey to find answers on why I had a seizure. Stay tuned for an in depth review in the next couple months.

Cost per interaction on Medici is determined by your medical provider. For more information, please visit