Cohart Presents: the Sigma Tauri Art Show to Debut at Canopy Austin w/ Local Artists C.R. Kelly, Felipe Gomez and Mai Gutierrez

Launched in 2022, the Cohart platform is designed for creativity, commerce, and community and provides tools plus experiences that make selling your art and managing your business uncomplicated. This weekend, Cohart is coming to Austin and curating a two-week art show in May!

Cohart Presents: Sigma Tauri Art Show will be displayed for two weeks/open to the public May 11-19 from 12-6pm at Canopy Austin, featuring work by 3 local artists: C.R. Kelly, Felipe Gomez and Mai Gutierrez.

Furthering Cohart’s mission to bring accessibility and inclusivity to the art world and the next generation, the platform Cohart is excited to bring together the local Austin art community. Cohart’s goal is to help create paths for new art buyers to explore and purchase original pieces from talented local artists. Since October, Cohart has already activated with Prabal Gurung at New York Fashion Week, PAPER at Coachella, Miami Art Basel and at ArtJakarta and Art Fair Philippines.

The Cohart Presents: the Sigma Tauri Art Show is located at Canopy Austin, 916 Springdale Road, Austin, TX 78702. Gallery /open to the public days are May 12th – 19th from 12-6pm.

To reserve your spot for the Cohart Presents: the Sigma Tauri Art Show please visit:


Source: Cohart, C.R. Kelly, Felipe Gomez and Mai Gutierrez

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