Environmental Working Group Celebrating 25 Years of Implementing EWG VERIFIED™ Consumer Products

Environmental Working Group (EWG) drives companies to create healthier and safer products by marking consumer products with EWG VERIFIED™. This year Environmental Working Group (EWG) is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a series of celebrations with EWG VERIFIED™ products. Atlanta and Washington, DC events have already taken place, however, the next will be in Austin, Texas on September 28th with Dallas, Texas currently TBD.

Tomorrow’s event in Austin opens to the general public from 5:30 – 7:30 PM at the W3LL PEOPLE Studio at 11624 Rock Rose Ave #100, Austin, TX 78758. EWG’s export team will answer questions about the EWG VERIFIED™ program and talk about what it means to be verified, and about the 1323 personal care products that have already met EWG’s strictest health criteria. Below are the participating brands for the event.

  • Attitude
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Be Natural Organics
  • Beautycounter
  • Bets & Emy
  • Biossance
  • C’est Moi
  • C2 California Clean
  • Everyone
  • Graydon
  • Juice Beauty
  • Marin Bee
  • Mineral Fusion
  • MyChelle
  • Purelygreat
  • Rejuva Minerals
  • Sally B’s Skin Yummies
  • Sonage
  • The Spa Dr.
  • Silk Therapeutics
  • W3LL People

What does EWG VERIFIED™ mean?

EWG VERIFIED™ recognizes products that meet EWG’s strictest standards for your health. This means said consumer product contain none of EWG’s chemicals of concern, full transparency of the product ingredients, a product consumers can trust and it’s EWG approved.

To give you an example of what is currently in cosmetics sold in the United States per EWG see below:

  • 29 ingredients banned in Canadian cosmetics
  • 15 ingredients banned in European cosmetics
  • 55 ingredients not allowed in European hair dyes
  • 5 ingredients known to the State of California to cause cancer
  • 6 ingredients known to the State of California to be developmental toxins

The EWG VERIFIED™ marked products contain ZERO of these ingredients. The EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product shows consumers that they will know that the product meets EWG’s strictest criteria for transparency and health. Per EWG the EWG VERIFIED™ criteria include the below.

Avoids EWG’s ingredients of concern:

Products cannot contain any ingredients on EWG’s “Unacceptable” list, meaning ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns.

Provides full transparency:

Products must fully disclose all ingredients, including ingredients used in “fragrance.”

Uses good manufacturing practices:

Product manufacturers must develop and follow current good manufacturing practices to further ensure the safety of their products.

As stated by EWG, there are other marks on the market, but none like EWG VERIFIED™. It’s the only mark backed by EWG’s reputation, scientific rigor and 14 years of experience in product evaluations – evaluations that you already count on and that are recognized worldwide. EWG VERIFIED™ is 100 percent transparent about our criteria and their evaluations. EWG ultimate goal is for all products on the market to be free from harmful chemicals, so that everyone’s purchasing decisions can finally be stress-free.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Austin event and will take ample pictures and collect as much information about EWG products especially beauty products. I will be posting pictures from the event via twitter @hitechchic, Instagram @hi_techchic and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hitechchic/.

For more information about EWG please visit: https://www.ewg.org/.


Source: EWG