Geekbidz Launches New Hiring Platform

Geekbidz, an Austin-based tech startup, launched its skill-based hiring marketplace which will not only lower hiring costs by 75% it will also get jobs filled with best-fit candidates as fast as 3 days. Announced on August 2nd, the new hiring platform offers employers a direct-to-hire marketplace that solves the problem of hiring costs and a long recruiting process. For job seekers, Geekbidz is a unique, skill-based job platform that enables bias-free hiring without résumés, interviews, and recruiters.

Geekbidz is determined to solve the many frustrations inherent in the broken traditional hiring system. For employers, these include higher hiring costs, complicated hiring processes/ practices and longer vacancies. Jobseeker frustrations include systemic bias, being ghosted by recruiters, and more.

Geekbidz’s Artificial Intelligence-based platform promises to shorten the average hiring time from 42-days to just a few, thus minimizing the cost of leaving a position vacant. Geekbidz also eliminates all potential for bias or discrimination, by ranking talent according to the ability to successfully perform a role, then anonymously pairing the most qualified candidates with specific skill requirements for each job. Job seekers—known as “Geeks”—will be efficiently matched and placed into a position in as little as just a few days.

Anthony Kirkwood, CEO and founder of Geekbidz, shares, “Our mission is to create a world where hiring doesn’t require recruiters, résumés, or interviews. At Geekbidz, we’ve built a unique, A.I.-driven, skill-based platform which provides a fast and efficient hiring solution completely free from bias, at a fraction of the cost of traditional practices.”

Thousands of Geeks have already registered. Visit for more information, or set up your employer/geek profile now at

About Geekbidz

Geekbidz was founded by Anthony Kirkwood and Tony Latino, who turned their disillusionment with the slow, inefficient, bias-filled traditional hiring process into the creation of Geekbidz, the first fair and open, direct-to-hire marketplace.  


Source: Geekbidz