Product Review: ThermoWorks’ Thermapen ONE

In June 2021, ThermoWorks, the leading brand for thermometers, announced the Thermapen ONE, the “instant-read” thermometer, was available for pre-order. After much anticipation, the world’s fastest cooking thermometer, the Thermapen ONE, is now available to purchase in ten different colors.

As the first and only one-second instant-read thermometer, the Thermapen ONE allows you to focus exclusively on the quality of your work. You’ll know your lightning fast Thermapen ONE reading are always accurate with an accuracy spec of ± 0.5°F (± 0.3°C).  It also comes with a NIST-traceable calibration certification verifying its accuracy to national standards.

Featuring motion-sensing sleep and wake mode, the thermometer intuitively turns on and off or when picked up or in use then off when set down to save battery. The patented 360° auto-rotating display uses accelerometer technology to intuitively turn right-side up. The automatic backlight is brighter and the light sensor is more sensitive to changes in ambient lighting conditions. It’s also shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof with an IP67 rating for water-tight seals.

The Thermapen ONE is not only used for a variety of meat, you can use it to detect the temperature of boiling water, making candy or chocolate on the stove top, check the temperature of dough or of an ice bath and much more!

Product Review:

ThermoWorks sent Hi-Tech Chic the Thermapen ONE to feature for review. The Thermapen ONE comes with the device, NIST-traceable calibration certificate and operation instructions within the box. To get started you just need to unfold the thermocouple probe until the display comes on. Do not force the probe further than 180° when opening or damage to the rotating hub may occur.

After the device turned on (as soon as I unfolded the probe) we were ready to start grilling to test out the Thermapen. It is important to know before getting started that the micro-thermocouple sensor is located at the tip of the probe shaft. Minimum immersion is only 1/8″ (3 mm).

Following the instructions, we immersed the probe into the chicken we were grilling so the probe tip was at the center of the thickest part.

As you can see in the video, it took seconds to read the temperature of the chicken. We also tried it on a chicken shish kabob the next day with the same fast results.

After using the Thermapen ONE, you must clean the probe with either a sanitizing wipe or a damp towel with an anti-bacterial cleaning solution to avoid potential bacteria growth before storing.

Following cleaning the Thermapen ONE, I simply folded the probe away by lightly pressing the tip into the rubber probe retainer located at the bottom rear of the instrument to turn it off. Please note it is recommended to store the probe in the closed position when not in use.

Though I’ve only used the Thermapen ONE for grilling, as stated above it can be used for much more than just that. I fully intend on using this during the Holidays where I make everything from baked goods to a full-sized turkey. The accuracy will no doubt help you in the kitchen especially while making huge meals, as I do, for your family. It also helps you make the best steak if you have struggled with that in the past!

Thermapen ONE Full Specifications:

  • Range: -58.0 to 572.0°F (-49.9 to 299.9°C)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°F (±0.3°C) from -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C) otherwise ±1.8°F (±1.0°C)
  • Resolution: Factory set to 1° (user reconfigurable to 0.1°)
  • Response Time: Full reading in 1 second (0.2 seconds time constant)*
  • Probe: 4.3 L inches, High Performance Type K Thermocouple
  • Display: 1 H x 1.54 W inches (25 H x 39 W mm) LCD, rotates 360°, Intelligent Backlight
  • Sleep Mode: 10 to 180 seconds, user selectable (user reconfigurable to disable)
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Operating Range: –4 to 122°F (–20 to 50°C), max ambient limits of Thermapen body
  • Battery: 1.5 volt AAA, 2,000 hours typical (without backlight)
  • Dimensions: 6.1 W x 1.7 H x 0.74 D inches (156 W x 48 H x 19 D mm)
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs (115g)
  • Warranty: The newly designed rugged, waterproof case features a 5-year warranty against defects.
  • Certificate: Includes NIST-traceable calibration certificate

Thermapen ONE is available immediately priced at $105.00 here and at select retailers. It is available in 10 colors: red, blue, black, green, orange, yellow, grey, white, purple, and pink. For more information, please visit:


Source: Thermoworks