Goodtimer: The Positive Reinforcement Parenting Tool Launches on Kickstarter

As the school year is in full swing the question with discipline and positive reinforcement in our digital age still remain of what is the most effective tool to help with positive reinforcement and encourage good behavior. Startup Plus Up, LLC (Plus Up) just unveiled and launched on Kickstarter Goodtimer, a new product developed in collaboration with child behavior experts, to encourage improved behavior through the use of positive reinforcement. 

Goodtimer is intuitive and easily interactive technology product using a mix of cutting-edge social science and smart game mechanics to encourage good choices and incentivize improved behavior. The new product provides a simple and effective approach to help you set limits and teach responsibility in a way that makes your children feel important and valued.

Goodtimer was “created by parents for parents” and the patent-pending product was designed in collaboration with leading childhood behavioral experts. Goodtimer allows kids to earn tangible incentives for good behavior by providing positive feedback that keeps them motivated and engaged.

How does Goodtimer work?

Children earn “Goodtime” by making good choices and following their family’s house rules. When a child makes a good choice or follows a rule, they simply turn their Goodtimer right side up, it lights on both sides of the device illuminate, a positive sound that plays through integrated speakers, and it begins tracking Goodtime. 

Per Startup Plus Up, LLC, Goodtimer’s intuitive series of compelling incentives provides kids with the motivation they need to consistently exhibit good behavior and gets them excited to “win” by doing the right thing. Goodtimer’s feedback engages multiple senses of children by reusable tokens that can be saved and exchanged for customized incentives, to new graphics, colors, and sounds that are unlocked over time.

To keep up with the technology demands Goodtimer has an approachable hourglass shape and includes an integrated LCD screen displaying emoji-like expressions that correspond to different emotions, so younger children who are unable to read can easily understand their performance status. Earned Goodtime is displayed in units of time or a percentage of time during a given period so parents can track their child’s improvement overtime.

Goodtimer is water- and impact-resistant and is equipped with integrated handles designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life with children. Also, with every Goodtimer system is a children’s book designed for families to read together and learn about Goodtimer’s backstory, personality, and mission to help children grow and succeed.

Every Goodtimer purchase also comes with access to Plus Up’s staff of trained parenting professionals, on-call to provide personal guidance and technical support to ensure families have the best possible experience. Their patent-pending product, is designed for families with children three years and older.

Plus Up’s just launched Goodtimer on Kickstarter and aims to raise the $30,000 needed to begin full-scale production. They are currently at $6,500 with 38 days left on their campaign. Consumers can pre-order Goodtimer starting at $99 by clicking here.


Source: Plus Up’s Goodtimer, Kickstarter

*Goodtimer prototypes were tested during a 4-week independent consumer trial with U.S. families with children ages 3-10 years old