Vertigo App’s New Social Generated “Song Stories” Feature

Recently, the social music app Vertigo introduced its own Snap-style stories feature called “Song Stories.” This new feature allows users to pair their own photo or video with the song of their choice to create and share. Vertigo‘s Song Stories allows you to access Spotify or Apple Music within the Vertigo app. Using the Song Stories app people can find a unique, legal, artist income-generating way to mix visual and musical experiences into moments that are easy to share with friends and fellow fans.

To use the new Snap-Style stories features user must have a premium streaming service vertigo login. The Song Stories feature can multiply stream counts plus every time someone views their song story, it counts as a stream for the artist. When a song is played in Vertigo, users will see a visual story to that song that is made up of the most popular user-generated pictures and videos connected to that song.

Creating content that can trend and potentially become part of a Song Story is a simple:

  • Vertigo users take photos and videos while listening to music.
  • They link their visual status with the songs they are playing.
  • Followers on the app can see and like those visual updates in their feed, and everyone can see the most popular posts in Trending.
  • The end result is an ever-evolving video made up of the most liked content associated with the song that provides maximum financial benefit for music makers and rightsholders.

The Vertigo app does not require a separate Content ID or licensing system. Tracks come from the listener’s paid streaming service every time the song is played or heard. These spins can add up quickly for artists and labels, demonstrating the app’s amplifying effects. The more people sign up for Vertigo the more premium users will sign on.

I downloaded the Vertigo app to test out the new Song Stories feature. Set up was simple. After download, I created my account in Vertigo using Facebook. Next was finding my friends that are on Vertigo but unfortunately, I currently have no friends using the App. I hope that changes!

Vertigo is available at the Apple store located here: For more information about Vertigo please visit: