Tech Talk Video with at SV Comic Con 2016

Echo InterviewWhile I attended the Silicon Valley Comic Con I was asked randomly to do a quick interview on camera with the Echo it team. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I was about to pull a Houdini and leave the convention center for the day.

Echo it is a Bay Area company where you can suggest improvements directly to brands, and receive support from other consumers to show market demand on their site.

At Silicon Valley Comic Con the Echo it team asked questions about current and future technology.

On of the questions I was asked  was “What technology I can’t live without?” I think this is the same response across the board, my smart phone. I honestly don’t even know anyone’s number by memory, if I lost my iPhone I would be screwed.

It’s easy to post your suggestion on the site which are called Echoes by just typing the company name in and the product or services. If you are interested in posting a suggestion for Echo it click here and start posting echoes!

And without further ado here is the youtube of their findings while attending Silicon Valley Comic Con (FYI my portion is 1:33 into the video).