Kickstarter Campaign: HUB by ekko

EkkoI am huge fan of crowd funding however due to its growing popularity sometimes some of the products aren’t that innovative. My outlook changed on this when I received an email about a new product on Kickstarter called the HUB.

Since I have been called the audio guru for all the sites I write for the HUB caught my attention. HUB is the first multi-user hi-fi audio streaming device that uses built-in Wi-Fi to stream hi-res, low-latency sound to any headphones or speakers. The HUB allows you to share real-time wireless audio with 4+ users and each receiver incorporates volume and mute functions. The HUB has two different sizes Mini and Full size plus it also comes in either silver or black (scroll below for the full specs chart).


What I love about the HUB is the unique design; it seems here lately everyone is using the same chassis. I also love how they have 2 different sizes and the individual wireless sound pucks that you use to connect your earphones or any other devise with a 3.5mm jack.

The HUB is currently at 90% on their Kickstarter campaign with only 54 days remaining to reach their goal of $100,000. There is still time to make a pledge to get your new HUB or HUB mini on Kickstarter here.

Help support this new Kickstarter campaign and keep innovation alive!

HUB Specification Chart:

Ekko 3

*All information is from Kickstarter and HUB