Hale Orb: The NEW Way to Share Photos and Videos

Today, Hale Orb, a smart tennis-ball sized device that enables users to scroll through unlimited images and videos on a TV screen, launched their IndieGoGo campaign. The Hale Orb solution combines hardware, software and cloud using a wireless, spherical-shaped remote control that blends technology and design. The unique design and usability makes it easy for everyone to upload, share and view unlimited photos and videos. Continue Reading →

WooHoo Smart Home Hub Could Be A Savior Product For Telecom Companies

WooHoo by SmartBeings is the world’s first AI-based interactive and affordable smart home hub with facial and voice recognition. Recently it was announced  WooHoo‘s 4G LTE capabilities could be the saving grace for telecommunication carriers and providers. WooHoo‘s 4G LTE feature differentiates from any current smart home device on the market that requires WiFi for Internet access. This feature enables telecoms to partner with SmartBeings and enter one of the quickest growing industries on the market, the connected smart home. Continue Reading →

AirSelfie: The Pocket-Sized Drone with Camera for Smartphones

airselfie-collageOut of all the Drones I have reviewed or written about in the past couple years this concept and Kickstarter campaign is one of my favorites. Why? Admittedly there is a lot of selflie action in my life. I also have a big family and the AirSelfie would solve a lot family selfies problems plus no one would be left out of the photo.

What is the AirSelfie?

AirSelfie is the worlds smallest portable drone with a camera that is integrated into your mobile phone cover. It’s hard to believe, right? I had to watch the full video on Kickstarter to see how something this small can be integrated into your smartphone.  The AirSelfie’s 5-megapixel video camera and four propellers are enclosed in an Italian-designed lightweight (52g) aluminum case that measures 3.72 x 2.65 x 0.42 inches. Continue Reading →