WooHoo Smart Home Hub Could Be A Savior Product For Telecom Companies

WooHoo by SmartBeings is the world’s first AI-based interactive and affordable smart home hub with facial and voice recognition. Recently it was announced  WooHoo‘s 4G LTE capabilities could be the saving grace for telecommunication carriers and providers. WooHoo‘s 4G LTE feature differentiates from any current smart home device on the market that requires WiFi for Internet access. This feature enables telecoms to partner with SmartBeings and enter one of the quickest growing industries on the market, the connected smart home.

SmartBeings’ WooHoo Hub has around the clock connected vision to ensures it doesn’t have any downtime thus remaining in constant communication with other connected devices. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is significantly impacted because of readily available messaging services that enable consumers to make free phone and video calls. Similar to how telecoms have had their eye on the connected car market, they have also been challenged by finding an entry into the rapidly expanding $121.73 billion smart home market.

“A smart-home hub with 4G LTE capabilities provides telecoms with an opportunity like they never had before, seeing as this market [smart homes] not only provides additional channels for data consumption, but also the ability for telecoms to enter a previously closed off market,” said Joseph Santos, SmartBeings’ Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. “Being that WooHoo is an all-in-one smart home ecosystem, data is all around and this is a great starter kit to help telecoms expand all their offerings. It’s time to start thinking about the new era of home phones.”   

Unlike current devices on the market, WooHoo has the ability to house multiple user profiles, has voice recognition and a 360-degree rotating camera with facial recognition so WooHoo knows exactly which user profile to engage. Additional Specs include: Spatial Sound System, 7-Inch Touchscreen, Built in WiFi BLE, Zigbee, Zwave, an Integrated and Intuitive WooHoo Smart Platform and lastly Natural Language Processing Capabilities that enables the device to understand the user. Consumers can easily integrate almost any connected device and users can access and manage any connected devices (i.e., air-conditioning, lights, TVs, gaming consoles, smart locks, security cameras etc.) through WooHoo‘s cloud-based Smart Platform.

I had the chance to check out the WooHoo and got a demo during CES 2017 and it was pretty cool, I loved the rotating camera! The innovation and affordability for the WooHoo is what made it stand out to me while getting the demo, very few products out on the market with their specs and affordable. Also while at CES WooHoo won the 2017 Innovation award.

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Source: Smartbeings