Introducing the Sharp SMD2489ES; A Built-in Microwave Drawer™ Oven with Easy Wave Open Technology and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Today, Sharp unveiled the world’s first, built-in microwave drawer oven with Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless integration with your modern, smart home. The SMD2489ES Sharp Microwave Drawer™ Oven has the “Easy Wave Open” feature with built-In airflow venting. Consumers can choose the traditional “proud mount” installation or flush mounting for a streamlined finish without additional trim-kits or vent deflectors. In fact, all users need to do is to download the Sharp Kitchen app to enable the smart features.

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The SwitchBot Bot Product Review

The SwitchBot “Bot” lets you retrofit all existing appliances or light switches in your home, instead of replacing them. This makes it the newest DIY way in creating a smart home without the hefty price tag. The SwitchBot Bot can be controlled by the SwitchBot App or the SwitchBot HUB Plus however you do not need to the HUB to operate the bot, just the App.

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The SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer Product Review

The SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer monitors and track your home temperature and humidity easily. With the SwitchBot App users are also able to manage the SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer making it a smart DIY device for your home.

The SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer features include:

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The SwitchBot HUB Plus Product Review

SwitchBot, the creator of smart home products, recently send us some of their new innovative products to review. The first of their products that was unboxed was the Switch HUB Plus that is an all-in-1 smart IR remote control plus ​a Bluetooth to Wi-Fi gateway for SwitchBot’s products.

SwitchBot HUB Plus features include:

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OmniFob: The World’s First All-In-One IoT Remote for Smart Homes and Connected Cars

Keyport, Inc., creator of streamlined universal access solutions, has launched its all-in-one IoT smart remote called OmniFob on Kickstarter. The OmniFob is a finger-sized key fob that transforms any standard keychain into a smart remote by providing quick and easy access to a user’s connected functions. Users can open their garage, unlock their door, turn on their lights, start their car, find their keys, call for help, and more all in one VERY smart fob that attaches easily to any conventional keychain and that is also compatible with Keyport’s modular Slide 3.0, Pivot, and Anywhere Tools.

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Product Review: Philips Hue Go Personal Wireless Lighting

Launched late last year and one of the newest additions to the Philips Hue product line the Hue Go is a portable wireless smart light controlled by either the button, voice or via the Hue app. The Hue Go personal wireless lighting systems features white and color ambience and can be powered from a wall outlet or wireless. It has a built-in, rechargeable internal battery with up to three hours of smart light. Continue Reading →

HIVE 2018 “Reignite the Dream” Conference Recap

Last week I attended the HIVE “Reignite the Dream” conference in Austin, Texas. It was two days of learning about smart home technology, green home initiatives, and technology innovations that will be transforming the housing market of today and the future. I did not know that housing is the last industry in the country which is still building with 19th Century technology. Steve Johnson, author of “Where Did Good Ideas Come From” and Brian Gaudio, CEO of Module, explained this further in both their presentations. Continue Reading → Designs Affordable Customized Smart Home Solutions

It is true must of us now have moderated or installed “smart home” features like Alexa, Siri or Google assistant but what other technological advances can we make for our home. designs easy-to-use functional smart homes that save customers time and money. Truth be told is the only company in the United States offering cross-platform smart home solutions, with zero contracts or dealer-only lock-in. Continue Reading →

HIVE’s Reignite the Dream Conference to Take Place in the Growing City of Austin

During November 28th through the 29th at the JW Marriot the HIVE conference “Reignite the Dream” will take place. As the city of Austin continues to grow faster the housing market has also expanded with a new neighborhood by the day, or so it seems. The HIVE conference is the exclusive innovation and disruption platform that attracts a to reignite the housing dream of Americans, merging housing and building with TECH – green tech, home security tech, building tech and more.  Continue Reading →

ECOVAC Launches The WINBOT X Robot

The smart home industry continues to grow and new products seem to be launched daily. One of the newest technology just launched is ECOVAC’s WINBOT X. The WINBOT X is a smart, free-moving and cordless robot that sticks to your glass and has a 4-stage cleaning cycle. Continue Reading →