DotMusic Announces its Win of the Rights to .MUSIC Domain Name Extension

Announced this week, DotMusic Limited’s global music community application for the .MUSIC registry succeeded and ICANN will award them the rights to the .MUSIC top-level domain name extension and move to contracting soon. Those main global companies that applied for the domain but did not prevail include:

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National Inventors Hall of Fame Joins the Google Arts & Culture Platform as Part of the “Once Upon a Try” Project

The largest online exhibition about inventions and discoveries, “Once Upon a Try,” just launched as a project from the Google Arts & Culture platform. The National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) Museum and Google Arts & Culture have partnered to bring the NIHF Museum experience to all corners of the world digitally.

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The Small Business Expo Is Coming to Austin Next Week

Next week the Small Business Expo will be in Austin, Texas on Thursday, December 6th, 2018. The Small Business Expos are hosted in 17 Major US Cities and include an Exhibitor Hall, Workshops & Seminars, Product Demonstrations, Speed-Networking, a Business Card Exchange, Industry Connections and many other networking areas.  Continue Reading → Designs Affordable Customized Smart Home Solutions

It is true must of us now have moderated or installed “smart home” features like Alexa, Siri or Google assistant but what other technological advances can we make for our home. designs easy-to-use functional smart homes that save customers time and money. Truth be told is the only company in the United States offering cross-platform smart home solutions, with zero contracts or dealer-only lock-in. Continue Reading →

Review of The New CooMo Social Media Trip Planner Site

A new social trip planner site, CooMo, has officially launched! The CooMo site allows users to PLAN, BOOK, and SHARE their entire trip with the help of other users, who can give you suggestions and recommendations based on their own personal experience. Users can upload pictures, add shouts, create to-do trip lists and check-in to places while traveling. Continue Reading →

Hurricane Florence Relief Help and Donation Options

Hurricane Florence is hitting the east coast with over a million people having to be evacuated due to the storm which may be the largest the Carolina’s coast that has hit thus far. Hurricane Florence has been slowly formulating as it hits inland and the main concern now is major flooding and power outages!

Most of the Nation is wondering how we can help and the best way right now is donating; the last ALL the coasts need is to have people trying to drive over and help while possibly putting their lives in danger. That said below are some ways you can contribute to those going through the Hurricane Florence and continue to contribute to their hurricane and flooding relief efforts. Continue Reading →

Affinitty: The Newest Cash Back Online Shopping Portal is a new cash back shopping portal that was developed to be a new tool for influencers, bloggers, and others with audiences. Similar but not exactly the same as other cash back cash back or affiliate programs already launched, the new Share & Earn Program allows for easy revenue generation from web content and social sharing. Continue Reading →

Create Your Own VR-enabled Virtual Tours Using the New Tour Builder Platform by Concept3D

Have you ever wanted to create your own VR-enabled virtual tours for your business or project but no idea on how to create one? The wait for figuring out how to create your very own VR-enabled virtual tour is now over! Last week, Concept3D, a leader in creating software to power immersive online experiences, announced the launch of its new Tour Builder platform which allows users to create, manage and share their own VR-enabled virtual tours like never before. Below are the key features of the Concept3D tour builder platform: Continue Reading →

Puls: Making Smart Phone Display Repair, TV Mounting and Smart Home Installation Easier on the Consumer

Though Puls has been around a couple years not many people know of this same-day iPhone repair, TV mounting & smart home installation company that provides you service wherever you are. Even if you knew about Puls did you know they provide 24/7 customer service, have a 1000-strong professional network to ensure an instant customer-technician match and have a 60-minute arrival time for most appointments? The fast rise of smart home devices and the vast amount of providers setting up your new device is no picnic and that’s where Puls comes in. Puls (formerly connects consumers with expert technicians for rapid-response repairs and on-the-spot support for the device. Continue Reading →

The Turo App: Car Rental Made Easy

Renting a car rather it be business or pleasure normally isn’t a simple task. The lines and renting process seems to always take forever leaving you exhausted before you even start your excursion. During your upcoming trip where a rental car is needed, we suggest looking into the Turo App. Turo is a car sharing marketplace where travelers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a community of local car owners. The cars that are available range from budget-friendly to luxurious cars depending on the location. Continue Reading →