Sprout Foods Launches First Amazon Feeding App for Babies; Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout

Mealtime for babies and toddlers can sometimes be a tricky task that parents have to endure daily. One of the popular questions parent have is “How do I get my kids to eat their vegetables?”

Fortunately, virtual assistance like Alexa has been creating new audio tools to help parents make mealtime fun and effective. One of the newest audio tools launched by Alexa, “Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout,” helps parents make eating healthy foods more fun for their kids. With the new Amazon audio skill, parents can now ask for songs and sounds that help make mealtime engaging and exciting for babies and toddlers, without the use of screens on smartphones and tablets.

Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout works with Amazon’s Echo and Dot and features three different modes that include Songs, Mealtime Adventure or Eat a Pouch. Each mode is designed to support parents’ efforts to get their children to eat healthy foods and to occupy kids during mealtime with fun, food-centric edutainment.

We decided to test out all three modes plus recorded what a customer would hear for each mode. The videos mostly give you the audio with only a picture of the Echo responding.

To get started is simple just say “Alexa launch Sophie Sprout” and we learned you can also use “Alexa launch Sophie THE Sprout.” After launching Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout on Alexa it will ask which mode you would like, Songs, Mealtime Adventure or Eat a Pouch.

I chose the Song option which offers nine, upbeat, kid-friendly songs, each featuring a different musical style and healthy food focus. I picked the “Color Song” that teaches children about vibrant foods, like yellow bananas and green peas.

Next, I changed the mode from Song to “Mealtime Adventure.” Unfortunately, I had to say “Adventure” twice in order to launch the mealtime mode. Mealtime Adventures features fun sound effects, including the traditional train and flying airplane, to get food from the spoon to your little one’s mouth.  Once in that mode, the adventure immediately starts with a heard of elephants that want your food.

Lastly, I tried the “Eat a Pouch” mode which reminds me of the airplane game back in the day where you have to get the food on the spoon and into your kids belly.  The “Eat a Pouch with Sophie” mode encourages children to take sips of their Sprout organic food pouches.

Once finished with your Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout experience all you do is ask Alexa to turn it off. The Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout Alexa skill is free to all users and requires no registration. You do have to approve using Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout within the Alexa app and confirm you are an adult when initially setting it up but after that you are golden.

Overall my Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout experience was a simple process and initial set up took very little time. For more information about Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout, Sprout®, the Sophie Sprout app, and Sprout products, visit http://www.sproutorganicfoods.com.


Source: Amazon, Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout, Sprout