Roborock Launches H6 Cordless Stick Vacuum at IFA Berlin 2020

Today at IFA Berlin, the leading showcase for the global technology industry, Roborock, a brand that specializes in the production of products that make people’s lives more comfortable, launched their first cordless stick vacuum, the H6. The Roborock H6 beats competitors in weight, making it extremely easy to use and because of its low weight (just 3 pounds) it can be lifted with ease for use on the ceiling to fight those hard-to-reach dust conventions.

The H6 has a longer battery life than its main competitors. It can run for 90 minutes in Eco Mode (as compared to competitors at 40-80 minutes), and for 45 minutes in Standard Mode (as compared to competitors at 30 minutes).  Max Mode sees a run time of 10 minutes (competitors range from 5-10 minutes). More, to address a common consumer pain point of lost power after years of use, the H6 retains suction power, it is able to maintain 85% of its power after 600 charges. 

Because of its lightweight and cordless design, and its higher-than-average battery life, the H6 itself is extremely versatile! For example, taking the H6 outdoors to clean the interior of a car is easy and effective. 

The lengthy battery life is thanks to its LiPro battery (the same batteries used in drones – read, lightweight yet powerful). The H6 features the first LiPo battery to ever be used in a cordless stick vacuum. The model also features a unique regenerative braking system that turns unwanted motor movement into Electricity, effectively re-charging the battery while in use to further extend run-time.

As an added convenience, an OLED screen displays mode, amount of charge/time left, maintenance reminders and more. 

Roborock retails for $399.99 and can be purchased here: or at Walmart

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Source: Roborock, IFA Berlin