Review of The New CooMo Social Media Trip Planner Site

A new social trip planner site, CooMo, has officially launched! The CooMo site allows users to PLAN, BOOK, and SHARE their entire trip with the help of other users, who can give you suggestions and recommendations based on their own personal experience. Users can upload pictures, add shouts, create to-do trip lists and check-in to places while traveling.

Besides being able to share your trip on social media after you have planned your trip on CooMo. The site will help users meet other users traveling to the same destination at the same time so CooMo users can exchange tips and suggestions.

How does CooMo work?

To start up on the CooMo site you can either sign up via your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account or you can create a new account. Note using your social media accounts to sign in allows you to already have your personal contacts loaded which will make sharing your future easier. After you have set up your account you can now log into the site to your “page” or “dashboard” where you see can see your friends on social media trip plans. It also shows reviews of cities that you may consider yourself a “guru” of.

When you are ready to plan your trip start by picking your city and fill in your travel logistics. On this page you can book your flight, hotel, and car as well.

After that, you can now drag and drop activities from the right-hand side with a large list of categories to choose from.

When your entire trip is complete you can either save draft or book it and then publish the confirmed trip on the CooMo site.

It was super easy and fast to set up personally and very useful especially for group planning trips I noticed! To sign up or learn more about CooMo, the newest trip planner you can share via social media please visit:


Source: CooMo