Product Review of the Pure Air Purifier

The Pure Air Purifier, a CES Innovation Awards honoree, is a portable filter-less purifier that helps remove unwanted odors and clean the air caused by allergies and pollution. The purifier uses negative ion technology to get rid of mold spores, bacteria and problem particles in the air that can make you sick. The Pure Air Purifier’s filter-less ionization helps clean air to eliminate odors, allergies and pollution. Since its so lightweight and portable, the purifier is perfect for hotel rooms, bathrooms, offices, or laundry rooms.

Within the box for the purifier you will find the purifier, drawstring carrying bag, USB plug and user guide. After unboxing the Pure Air Purifier setting up the purifier is simple with it’s one button on/ off operation after you have it plugged in.  

They sent us samples of their Quiet, Fresh and Spark plant-based 100% Pure Essential Oils that are created without synthetics, chemicals or fillers and handcrafted in Oregon.  On the bottom of the purifier you will find its no-mess aromatherapy pad that once removed you can add their essential oils to create a different aroma in the room.

After adding the essential oils to the Pure Air Purifier aromatherapy pad, attach it back to the purifier and turn it on to generate the essential oils scent. Note you don’t need that many essential oil drops on the aromatherapy pad, just a few will do.

They also sent me one of their patterned designer wraps for the purifier to try out. I have to be honest, I like the “marshmallow” coloring of the Pure Air Purifier but think it’s cool you have personalization options.

The Pure Air Purifier is ultra-light in wait at just .65lbs so it’s perfect to travel with. I took it with me recently to Vegas for CES 2019 and it fit perfectly in my luggage. If you’re on the go and constantly traveling this is the perfect portable purifier.

The Pure Air Purifier retails for $99.00 and can be purchased here:


Source: Pure Air Purifier, CES