The Helix Cuff by Ashley Chloe

I tried on the Helix Cuff by Ashley Chloe during the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2017 and instantly fell in love with the product. Since then I kept following up with the kind staff at Ashley Chloe on when they would send review units and my tenacity worked! I finally received the Helix Cuff for a product review.

The Helix Cuff is the world’s first wearable wireless Bluetooth headphones that fits perfectly in a fashionable cuff that is wrapped around your wrist. Using the cuff not only keeps your headphones in one place so its hard to loose them it also cuts out the tangled wires situation.

The Helix Cuff’s Bluetooth 4.1 is powered by CSR and Qualcomm which enables users to connect their phone, tablet, or computer to the Helix Cuff and stream music or calls without plugging into a device. The Bluetooth connection works up to 30 feet between the Helix headphones and the source device. They can remember up to 8 paired devices, and automatically connects with the last connected device if it’s in range.

When I unboxed the Helix Cuff the box contained the cuff, headphones, USB charger, 3 earbud tips and a cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth is a nice perk and much needed since the cuff does pick up fingerprints. I charged the Helix Cuff as soon as I figured out how to remove them from the cuff. As you can see in my unboxing video I had a small struggle removing them from the cuff at first.

Next I paired it via Bluetooth to my iPhone which involves holding the main button down on the headphones for 4 seconds until the LED indicator blinks white and red. I also went into my iPhone Bluetooth settings and searched for a new product to save the device for future pairings. The pairing time didn’t take long and the instructions were very simple.

The Helix’s Smart Multipoint connectivity makes it easy to switch audio sources between two devices without the constant hassle of pairing. You can also connect two devices simultaneously to the Helix Cuff via Bluetooth. If you’re streaming music from your laptop (or tablet) and receive an incoming call to your smartphone, the call will be automatically streamed to your Helix headphones.

After the pairing I quickly turned it on by pressing the main button located on the headset and tried a variety of songs to truly test out the audio plus to see how different types of music sound on different volumes. The sound was astounding! Helix Cuff headphones are equipped with cVc® technology. cVc brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, as well as providing packet loss and bit error concealment to deliver the best possible call quality on the Bluetooth headset.

The Helix’s headphones feature aptX® audio technology that delivers CD-like quality audio over a Bluetooth® connection. The high quality stereo music playback also is enabled across aptX source devices via Bluetooth connection.

The perks of the Helix Cuff are the fashionable cuff that fits the wireless Bluetooth headphones, the sleek design, the convenience of having your headphones on you at all times and the quality audio. It is also waterproof and strong enough to handle everyday use due to the chemical-resistant rubber material used to create the cuff.

On the downside there were a few things I struggled with during the review. Getting the headphones back onto the cuff takes some time; it seems easy enough but it is not till you get used to using it. The other is when walking fast or running the headphones do fall off from time to time.

Though I had a few hiccups while testing the Helix Cuff I loved reviewing this product. I am a geek fashionista so this product is perfect for me plus the audio lived up to my standards of greatness.

If you are looking for fashionable wearable Bluetooth wireless headphones I strongly suggest checking out the Helix Cuff which is currently $149.00 on their site. For more information about Helix Cuff or other Ashley Chloe products click here.


Source: Ashley Chloe