How to Help the Ariana Grande Concert Victims (Updated)

Source: Austin Courrege/Bustle
Source: Austin Courrege/Bustle

The world was shocked after hearing about the Ariana Grande Concert terrorist incident that happened yesterday in Manchester. Reported by NBC as of now there are 22 fatalities including children and 59 injured plus several people are still missing from this tragic event. As of now those that live in the area or nearby are urged to stay away per Mayor Andy Burham until further notice. Per Mayor Andy Burnham’s tweet for those stranded in the area and have access to twitter use #RoomForManchester where hotels and local people are offering refuge.

If you are concerned about missing family, please contact the British Casualty Bureau number on +44 (0)161 856 9400. This may be the best way to track or find your loved ones especially if they do not have twitter or their phone battery is dead.

Twitter still has been a great way to search for those missing. The “#DWTManchester missing” still has been a good way to find your missing loved ones. Below are some links of tweets from loved ones searching for their missing friends or family I gathered from Twitter. This is a very short list of tweets of those missing and more tweet continue to pour in using “#DWTManchester missing” by the minute!

Other twitter handles used to search for missing loved ones in Manchester include:

Besides tweets the world has to ask themselves “How or what can we do to help?

If you are local in Manchester and want to help below are some donation options I have researched as of now. The list is small but I am certain as the week continues the world will have more options on how we can all donate and will continue to update the list.

  • Red Cross site is back up and information on the Manchester incident is best found on the UK Red Cross site located here. The UK Red Cross site also has a place to donate towards this tragedy on their page as well located here.

    Currently British Red Cross volunteers and staff are providing practical and emotional support to people affected the attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Red Cross volunteers are also providing ambulance support to local hospitals.

  • UPDATE: As of now they have plenty of blood though that may change as the week progresses, I keep you all posted. If they do need more blood below are the two Manchester donation centers that are open I know of:
  • Help with Burial Costs:
    • Many victim’s families will need help financially with Burial Costs. If you want to start a fundraiser for burial costs Go Fund Me has been used to help Georgina Callander’s family who is the first victim of the Manchester Bombing. I am sure there are many other sites that will be used but since this was the first victim I assume most will start using Go Fund Me. I could be wrong since I am in the US and not physically there.

If you find more donation sites please let me know via and I will update this post as the week continuous.

Our sincere prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims of this horrendous incident especially today as the victims are identified. They all were just innocent people going to a public concert for a night of fun that ended in a night of severe tragedy .


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