Plume: The Ultimate AR Rocket Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker to Launch Kickstarter Campaign in Four Days

Plume is a multifunctional rocket lamp with AR capabilities, a Bluetooth speaker, launch timetable via the app and voice messenger. Originally started as the owner making rockets for his friends evolved into a unique AR Rocket Lamp and was no longer just a space souvenir.

The Plume has 3 rocket models listed below:

  • Falcon 9: Led the modern era of commercial space, is on a scale of 1:150.
  • Space Shuttle: Which made vital contributions to reusable rocketry, is on a scale of 1:200
  • Saturn V: Which opened the era of moon exploration, is on a scale of 1:300.

The Plume Rocket Lamp has several functions. First, it has AR technology to help you understand all the details of the rocket from the inside, add fuel, choose an orbit, and launch your own rocket using their App. Another unique feature is that is has a set of lights in 160 million colors that can illuminate any room or office.

Plume’s Bluetooth speaker can broadcast all channels within 30 feet. The Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music from a smartphone with different light effects depending on the music

The Plume Rocket Lamp also acts as an alarm and wakes you up at the set time by true audio from Apollo program or by gentle wake-up light. You can also leave pre-recorded voice messages using Plume.

Plume is equipped with a space flight schedules. You just need to check the schedule of all flight events (including launch, ISS EVA, etc.) in the Plume partner app and set an alarm for one tap.

It’s the lamp that does it all while looking like a badass rocket! We are very interested to test this out first hand and hope they will send us one to review in the near future till then keep checking back on Hi-Tech Chic. This is just up our geek alley!

Their Kickstarter campaign kicks off on July 17, 2018, at 11:00 am EDT! The super early bird price starts at $99 with a limit of 20 pieces. For more information about Plume or to keep track of when they launch their Kickstarter campaign please visit: