Time4Machine Debuts 3D Self-Assembling Models on KickStarter

Coined the most beautiful construction set in the world, Time4Machine debuts its 3D metallic, self-assembling models with real mechanical engines on KickStarterTime4Machine is a new perspective in the world of construction sets of 3D models made of thin metal, which you can personally assemble. There is a mechanism in each model, and some of them are powered by spring winding.

Each Time4Machine model can be assembled by using only tiny pliers. Parts are connected with each other with the easy twist of eyering. They also offer a set of professional assembling tools, which include 2 different types of pliers, 2 files and polishing cloth.

The Time4Machine models all have detailed instruction in several languages. They also let you know the scale of which ever model you chose to build. During the assembly process, it will be much easier if you watch their video instructions.  These video lessons will help you with mechanics and STEM 101.

All the Time4Machine models are mechanical and have their own story, below are their current models.

  • The rapid train moves on the rails by the mechanical spring. 
  • The plane moves propellers from the mechanism in its base.
  • Cars have clockwork mechanism and a steering system. 
  • You can open the hood and see the way the mechanism works. 
  • The Timer keeps the time.
  • The Tank overcomes the obstacles.

They have a goal pledged of $15,000 with thirty-one days to go on their Kickstarter Campaign. Pledging starts at $18.00 for a Perfecto Card box that you build. If you want to back the campaign but want something more intrical to build that isn’t that expensive check out the Hot Tractor that is created on designs of a heavy tractor k700 for $32.00. Pricing goes up from there and includes all the models they have available on their Kickstarter campaign located here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/timeformachine/the-most-beautiful-construction-set-in-the-world?ref=8m015z.

For more information on Time4Machine or learn more about their products please visit: https://timeformachine.com/.


Source: Time4Machine, Kickstarter