Mission8: The New 5-IN-1 Shower Solution Launched on Kickstarter

The Mission8 is a shower solution including water purification and stronger water pressure that is now available on Kickstarter for the $45 super early backer price. With Mission8 Showerhead, people can enjoy 99% purified clean water shower with three times stronger water pressure. With options for mounted/handheld mode, Mission8 brings more convenience in the shower experience.

When fixed as a mounted, it resembles the shape of 8, which is where the Mission8 name comes from. Mission8 is also environment-friendly. The 250 micro holes in the spray plate enable 17% percent of water-saving by bringing sudden pressure while spurting a small amount of water.

Mission8’s NSF certified filter filters out all the micro-plastics and rust in water pipes more substantial than 5 microns when human hair is about 60 microns. It’s an excellent help for whom having trouble with sensitive skin, or dermatitis. The average lifespan of each filter is about three months, but it depends on the circumstance of each household.

Mission8 also added a unique spice to the shower experience by providing shower boosters that come in two variety, vitamin, and lavender. By merely putting the promoter on top of the filter, the customer can enjoy a colorful shower. The showerhead also comes in 3 color choices, which is silver, white, and black.

As stated above, super early backers can pre-order Mission8 shower set plus free shower booster pack for $45. To back their campaign or order their super early bird special please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mission8/mission8-5-in-1-shower-solution-showering-re-imagined. Order soon as the campaign is ending on September 12th!

About Mission8

Mission8 is a showerhead with its mission to the world: No more contaminated low-pressure water with a hefty price. Through its built-in filter system and specially designed spray plate, Mission8 protects people from polluted water and turns everyday shower routine into a much more enjoyable one. With Mission8, everyone, regardless of their geographical or financial status, can benefit healthy, powerful, and refreshing shower with the least effort.


Source: Mission 8, Kickstarter