Nokia Launches New OZO Features at CES 2019

Last week during CES 2019 Nokia announced their newly added capabilities to its already robust portfolio of their audio-visual technologies, OZO. Nokia’s OZO technologies including OZO Audio and HEIF solutions capture and process true-to-life data with depth and detail to enable smarter content with artificial intelligence and customization.

New features Announced at CES 2019 for the Nokia’s audio-visual technologies, OZO, include: 

  • Audio Windscreen: a capture solution that brings clarity to audio in windy conditions, using algorithms to reduce the background noise. Enable your mobile devices to record every moment in vivid detail by reducing distortion caused by wind noise.
  • Audio Tune: a new editing solution that implements post-capture audio adjustment tools, offering greater creative freedom in user-generated content. AudioTune enables users to customize their content’s audio soundscape with post-capture explore and edit capabilities.
  • OZO Playback portfolio: A whole new portfolio of technologies that unlocks enhanced possibilities for the user listening experience, no matter the device. With new #OZOPlayback adaptive stereo widening, sounds comes to life.

While at CES 2019 Unveiled I was able to get a demo of the new features using Nokia’s audio-visual technologies, OZO. It was intriguing watching what each new feature looks like on an actual Nokia smartphone. Below is the demo video of the audio-visual technologies, OZO, at CES 2019 Unveiled.

I personally liked the Audio Windscreen feature, it’s something I need especially when on the road. I’m not certain when these new capabilities for the OZO will be available for consumers, I would assume within a year.

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Source: CES 2019, Nokia