Negris LeBrum Debuts Spring/Summer 2024 Collection & New Pickleball Tote at New York Fashion Week

Fashion house Negris LeBrum showcased their Spring/Summer 2024 collection on the runway during New York Fashion Week. Designer, Travis Hamilton, drew inspiration from the iconic Pan American flight attendant uniform and reimagined the feminine silhouette, revising mini-dresses, skirts, and rompers in rich, soft floral brocades.

Additionally featured in this season’s runway show was Hamilton’s whimsical, vibrant, tailored pickleball totes highlighted Negris LeBrum’s unprecedented venture with Texas Southern University (TSU) – House of Maroon.

The brand love story is based on the interracial marriage of a Southern couple from Louisiana in the 1940s which still resonates with many today. Brand founder Travis Hamilton’s design process is heavily influenced by his Southern Creole roots, and the Negris LeBrum love story is a tale of an influential woman of the same name who lived in the designer’s hometown of Natchitoches, LA.

As a French Creole woman, Mrs. Negris could pass for white but chose to remain true to her black roots. She eventually fell in love with a black man, and their romance was frowned upon. In the end, the two were brought together by a force so strong – love. Through fashion, their story continues to be shared with the world.

This Love Story is the foundation of Negris LeBrum and is rooted in the company slogan Lenoir est Joli ” Black is Beautiful.” Each collection pays homage to the courage of this amazing woman.

The Negris experience didn’t stop with the runway show as an afterparty was held following the show at the Ideal Glass Studio venue. Guests included a wide range of fashion influencers, photographers, stylists, and celebrities. Event sponsors included, Yolonda Sweets, Owls Brew, The Town cocktails, and June Shine can cocktails.

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 Source: Negris Lebrum