Mona Re-creates “Prada Marfa” and “Glitch Gallery Marfa” in Digital Form

Mona, a 3D world-building platform, today announced their collaboration with all-realities fashion designer Tribute Brand to re-create Marfa’s “Glitch Gallery Marfa” and “Prada Marfa” in digital form. This will give access to enduring art installations like Prada Marfa by artists Elmgreen & Dragset, and late sculptor Donald Judd’s landmark figure in the history of postwar art, ensuring their longevity for the future. 

To celebrate this collaboration Mona is extending an invitation to Art Blocks Marfa Weekend  attendees, to experience art exhibitions in an immersive context. On September 22nd, from 9 PM to 12 AM at Glitch Marfa, the event hosted by Mona, in collaboration with Tribute Brand, will illustrate how virtual environments are influencing our perspectives on art, architecture, and collaboration. 

The event takes place in Glitch Marfa’s physical gallery space and will showcase a captivating journey at the forefront of artistic innovation powered by Mona’s cutting-edge 3D world-building platform. In a world that is no longer bound by geographical limitations, thanks to Mona, art enthusiasts can now embark on a virtual journey, enabling them to explore, engage, and participate in events, all while capturing Marfa’s vibrant artistic heritage from anywhere in the world.

The highlight of the night will be an in-person panel discussion on the world of generative fashion, featuring distinguished panelists such as Justin, Founder and CEO of Mona, Gala Vrbanic from Tribute brand, Colby Mugrabi from Mmerch, and Danny Loftus from Draup. Together, they will delve into the endless possibilities presented by digital fashion and immersive experiences.

As the evening progresses, the event will transform into a dynamic mixer and after-dark celebration. Mona will take the stage to showcase the virtual Marfa spaces and the immersive Tribute Brand 3D environment within Mona.

To learn more about Mona or sign up please visit:

The third annual Art Blocks Marfa Weekend will take place September 21–24, 2023 and open to all. To learn more visit:


Source: Mona, Marfa, Tribute Brand 3D