A New App To Help Plan, Set Goals and Budget Your Future Vacation

There are so many traveling apps out there that specialize in one travel field or another. Introducing, the new travel toolkit for taking control of your life and managing your money. Created by a forward-thinking female startup this interactive app will get you on your way to becoming financially savvy.

Users of can connect their bank accounts (or not) to show you where and how you spend your money. You can set spending limits, set up trip funding goals, create savings goals with friends and ask the app to bucket your money for you. All you’ll have to do is create an account after you download the app and sign in to get started on your trip planning.

The app consists of with inspiring articles, quizzes, information, and a community feed so you’ll learn everything you need to know to become confident growing your money so you can do more with it.

Within the app you’ll get a motivating boost from other like-minded women, a.k.a. Nav.igators, who are reaching for the same stars. The term of “Nav.itgators” refers to a savvy woman, sharp-witted, curious, kills it at work and is probably boarding a plane to an exotic country, or at least looking into the best flight deals to get to one.

Be an early adapter and sign up to be part of the first wave of Nav.igators visit –The App will be available in both the Android and Apple store in January 2019.

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About’s mission is to break down barriers for women to talk about finances, travel and making the world a better place. This female-forward start-up is dedicated to serving the growing number of women who have access to wealth, higher levels of income than previous generations, and who are interested in investing their money not only in traditional financial models but in experiences and travel. We believe mixing travel and lifestyle conversations with financial literacy is a way to increase women’s overall financial knowledge, as well as create a community around true enrichment, travel, and experiences.