Competitions and Award Ceremonies to Attend While at CES 2019

CES 2019 is a little over a month away and if you’re attending there is a lot to consider while planning. This year there will be several award ceremonies for attendees to attend however recently CES highlighted these four to consider: Last Gadget Standing, KAPi Awards, Babylist Best of Baby Tech Awards and Young Innovators to Watch while attending CES 2019

Below is more information about each event during CES 2019:

Last Gadget Standing

Vote your favorite at On January 10, all are welcome as we’ll feature the top ten finalists along with tech trivia, swag and an experience to remember. Below are the current deadlines:

  • NOVEMBER 28 Midnight EDT: Deadline for Applications
  • FRI, DEC 14, Midnight EDT: Close of PEOPLE’S CHOICE Online Voting
  • DECEMBER 3 – 17: Judging to Select Finalists
  • DECEMBER 17: Finalists Announced
  • JANUARY 10, 10:30AM,LVCC N255: Live Event to Choose the Winner

For more information or to register last minute please visit:

KAPi Awards

The Kids at Play Interactive Awards committee reviews and considers the best in children’s hardware, software and services. A multi-billion dollar business, kid’s tech toys are defining a new generation of play and skills. Awards are given out at an evening gala reception on January 10th at CES 2019. Below are the dates of the judging and awards ceremony.

  • NOVEMBER 11-30, 2018: Judging to select Winners
  • DECEMBER 5, 2018: Winners Announced
  • JANUARY 10, 2019: Winners Announced at Special Awards Ceremony @ CES Lando 4202 Venetian, Las Vegas

For more information or to attend during CES 2019 please visit:

Babylist Best of Baby Tech Awards

Babylist presents The Best of Baby Tech Awards recognizing the most technology-driven innovations in fertility, pregnancy, early parenting, and baby tech. Entries accepted through November 15. Awards are presented on January 8 at the Living in Digital Times showfloor stage in the Sands Expo. Below are the dates of voting and attending the award ceremony:

  • DECEMBER 4, 2018: Finalists Announced Online and Online Audience Voting Opens (1pm EST)
  • DECEMBER 31, 2018: Online Audience Voting Closes (11:00pm EST)
  • JANUARY 8, 2019: Winners Announced at Special Awards Ceremony @ CES Baby Tech Showcase

For more information or to attend the event during CES 2019 please visit:

Young Innovators to Watch

Students ages 13 -20 are creating today’s answers to tomorrow’s problems. CES searched the country to identify the most entrepreneurial, innovative student’s to present their work to CES attendees. Below are the Young Innovators to Watch deadlines and award information:

  • November 27: Deadline for Applications
  • November 29-Dec 8: Judging to select Finalists
  • December 11: Finalists announced
  • January 11: Awards Ceremony at CES, LVCC N257, Las Vegas

For more information or to attend the award ceremony while at CES please visit:

We will be covering CES 2019 for the 6th consecutive time and will continue to provide you all more updates till the week of. While at CES 2019 we will be doing videos and live broadcasting we will post on our twitter (@HiTechChic/ @nrpena) & Facebook.

To register to attend or for more information on CES happening January 8th through the 11th in Las Vegas please visit:


Source: CES