EverQuote- The New Way to Shop for Auto Insurance

Comparison shopping for auto insurance is not on my list of top fun things to do. It use to be agonizing to do comparison shopping for auto insurance and worse when you buy a new car at the dealership and don’t have the tools needed to shop around. Fortunately a new start up, EverQuote™, is your new go to when shopping around for auto insurance nationally.  Recent studies have indicated that only 5% of drivers pay less than $50 a month for car insurance. Did you know that if you use EverQuote™ for your comparison shopping you may receive a large discount. Also, if you are currently insured and live in a qualified ZIP code you may get an extremely high discount.

What is EverQuote™?

EverQuote is a quantitative internet marketing firm focused on applying sophisticated mathematics and enterprise class technology to our online customer acquisition programs. Their mathematically driven multi-channel campaign management and optimization platform delivers the high quality, scalable connections to auto insurance consumers. Note that EverQuote™ is an independent insurance marketplace and is not affiliated with any specific insurance carrier or any financial institution.

How do I get started?

Simply go to EverQuote™‘s site and enter in your zip code. It takes 3 simple steps to get your quote and start saving money.  The first page you will be directed to requires you to fill out primary information about your car.

The next step will be filing out your primary driver information. Note you can add more than one driver by clicking the “additional driver” tab.

The last step is adding information about your current insurance company and contact information.

After you click the “Show My Quotes” tab you will be directed to the page with your quotes according to the information you provided. The quote page should look like this, if not you may need to start over but the process is super simple and doubt you would need to do that.

EverQuote also has a driving app called EverDrive that helps drivers across the nation become safer behind the wheel. EverDrive runs in the background on iOS and Android phones and automatically detects when you’re driving. EverDrive is fun and free way to track your driving habits and find out what you can change to be safer on the road, all while competing with your friends and family. Drivers using the EverDrive App are given a star rating for each trip and can view their average score (out of 100 points). Leaderboards allow for drivers to see how they stack up against drivers in their city or town.

I think EverQuote™ is an amazing site and app that will help you save money on auto insurance. I just tried the site personally and sure enough I found out I am over paying for insurance. If you like to save money and looking for a site that can help you compare and shop different insurance companies EverQuote™ is your solution.


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