Michelle Obama’s Keynote during SXSW

Michelle CollageWhen I started writing for Cutegeek over 7 years ago doing technology reviews men balked. In the land mostly ran by men I was infiltrating a topic that a lot women currently didn’t cover or report on, technology.

I was told by men early on I would “Never Make It” writing for technology and go back to being an Executive Assistant where I “belong” as a women.

At times the only reason that men at technology events talked to me purely was because of the way I “looked” and not what I know. I could write a novel for every time I was told I cannot do something because I was a women and a writer.

Sadly this “label” isn’t the first time I felt this way and many women have been in similar situations and not just in tech nor not just women.

As a child I grew up with mostly boys which lead to me being involved with sports and gaming (Nintendo Mario Bro’s 1 and Zelda) plus listening to Hip Hop, Rock and Rap that some women didn’t know. I was influenced by such great talent and on top of that fantastic artists like Missy Elliot and Queen Latifa.

Last week I listened to Michelle Obama’s Keynote and Panel at SXSW (South By Southwest) and the main topic was empowering women, because we have a voice and it needs to be heard! The Panel was moderated by Queen Latifah and included Missy Elliot, Sofia Bush, Diane Warren and of course Michelle Obama. During Michelle’s panel she informed the country we not only have 62 Million females throughout the world underfunded but also of her Let Girls Learn Program.

Women have a right to be heard and the Let Girls Learn Program is not only something to vest in but something that may help younger women to develop and become strong individuals. I fight and continue to fight that one day there will be equality not just in the technology industry but across the board within every field, every race and every person. Statistics still show that women by 70% dominate the consumer POS (Point of Sale).

I urge all my readers to help the ladies you love, vest in women you admire, and treasure the knowledge these ladies give daily. To learn more about Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative click here.