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Happy International Women’s day! Speaking from experience women have come along way in technology. When I first started writing for technology in 2009 there were a lot of men who told me women have no place in technology and especially writing about technology. Men called me everything from being a bitch (because I was being assertive) to an idiot for thinking I could survive writing in technology.

Now in 2016 I am much more accepted by men in technology and there are much more women in tech than 7 years ago. Men now compliment my articles, want to collaborate with me on an event or product, and treat me as their equal. It’s crazy in this short amount of time what women have overcome but we still have more to do till one day we are considered equals in everyone’s eyes.

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Throughout the month of March, five women will be featured in an online and social series bringing to light these women’s passions and experience. The first feature goes live today, March 8, at as well as on Sphero’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Below is the full press release with a list of the 5 Women.

PRESS RELEASE: BOULDER, CO — Sphero, the leader in connected play, is taking the lead in celebrating women in a male-dominated field. In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8, Sphero is recognizing leaders in the tech industry throughout the month of March with an online and social series that reveals these women’s passions and experience in the field. Five women from across the country will be featured starting March 8, 2016 at

On average, women hold a mere 30% of all jobs across the tech industry. However, women’s growth in the field is a staggering rate of 238% faster than men, showcasing the wide road being paved for future women pursuing tech related careers.

Women in Tech

Through a series of photo and video features, Sphero aims to inspire the next generation of programmers and makers. The inaugural list includes:

  • Ruthe Farmer– Chief Strategy & Growth Officer at National Center of Women in Tech (NCWIT)
  • Andrea Chaves– Teacher at The Young Woman’s Leadership School of Astoria
  • Anita Castellan – Licensing Manager at LUCASFILM
  • Nicole Glaros – Chief Product Officer at TechStars
  • Claire Tindall – Sr. Director of Marketing + Communications at Sphero.

Recognizing the successes of women in tech will in turn help other women and girls see their potential in the field. Nicole Glaros’ work with Techstars allows her to build upon her passion for diversity in the tech industry on a daily basis. “Being a white male in the tech industry? How do you make a name for yourself? It’s easier when you’re a woman.”


The first profile will be launched on March 8, with one woman being featured a week. Stories will be at as well as on Sphero’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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